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frinnsti am not installing nodejs on this box18:44
frinnstfuck that18:44
frinnstUpcoming Firefox NodeJS 8 build requirement (soft for Fx 63, hard for Fx 64)18:47
frinnstdistribute a binary only version perhaps?18:52
pedjano non-pulseaudio version then18:54
frinnstbut would drop rust and clang dep18:56
frinnstrust isnt a runtime dep, right?18:56
pedjanope :)18:57
frinnstdo you have a port ready for it pedja?19:04
pedjaI do. It will need testing/tweaking, thou19:06
frinnstno worries, just something to get me started19:07
frinnstim lazy19:07
frinnstpastebin it19:07
pedjazfirefox.conf is that thingie19:09
pedjaidk if the script that adds lib/firefox to ld path and runs it would be a cleaner solution19:16
jaegerhere's one I use, too:
jaegerNot too different19:17
pedjamine has a nasty hack because some apps picked up ff libs instead of proper ones and broke. hence the zfirefox19:19
pedjadon't remember what exactly was the issue, tbh, it was a while back19:22
pedjaswitching to binary FF will cut the update from 5 hours (if you have to update rust first) to 5 minutes :)19:25
frinnstanyways, firefox 63 will be built as usual. but dunno about the future19:26
pedjaI don't think upstream will change their mind, so you have 2 options. well, 3, dropping FF altogether19:46
onoderaWill there be any major changes then?22:03
onoderaoh nodejs rquirement22:04
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