IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-09-10

Worksterfrinnst, what's so bad about nodejs? I got it in opt already.06:02
pedjahe likes to keep his machines clean of cruft :)06:26
jueme too, it's nice to have a small, clean system and it's boring if the dependency hell is growing and growing; for example I hate it that the new gimp pulls in a lot of new deps07:59
juebut well, I guess the 476 ports I have installed isn't that much08:01
frinnstmmm. lazy devs08:06
pedjabase openSUSE server VM has ~1300 packages :)09:10
pedjawhich is ~400-500 actual applications09:11
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*** pedja has joined #crux-devel12:56
jaegerCatching up on some ISO updates... does anyone have an objection to adding opt/prt-utils to the ISO? FS#1412 - I don't have a strong opinion but prt-utils is far smaller than some other things we already have included15:33
jaegerok, fixed cruxbot's joining... apparently the DNS resolution for's reverse changed a bit so the ban exemption didn't work15:47
frinnstyeah I think it has multiple ptr's17:16, and www.crux.nu17:17
jaegerNormally the first one that resolves is but for some reason lately it resolved to just crux.nu17:18
juejaeger: no objections to add prt-utils18:31
frinnstsame here, no strong feelings one way or the other19:26
frinnstI have a feeling the size of the iso will be a bit smaller next release anyways :-)19:26
jaegerNo firefox? :P19:44
frinnstfirefox-bin probably20:00
frinnstI dont see any other sane alternative20:00
jaegerok, I'll add prt-utils next time I look at the ISO20:51

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