IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-09-16

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frinnstfucking libtool hell with the gnome libraries using meson12:33
frinnstgtk3 still looks for glib .la12:34
frinnst/usr/bin/grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory12:36
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frinnstteK_: can you bump up linux-firmware a bit?14:20
frinnst if you want a tarball14:25
pedjafrinnst, gtk3 switched to meson?14:38
frinnstno not gtk3. but atk, atk-spi*, glib etc14:39
frinnstIf upgrading from a previous version of GLib that was built using autotools, and the libtool archives (.la files) were installed, you will need to adjust all installed libtool archives, /usr/lib/libg{io,lib,module,object,thread}, to replace references to the libtool archives for this package with the appropriate linker library flag (-l), -lg{io,lib,module,object,thread}. 600+ files must be14:40
frinnstmodified on a complete gnome desktop.14:41
frinnstnot sure how to solve that for 3.4 yet14:43
teK_frinnst: sure14:43
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teK_btw frinnst: maybe you want to adjust firefox-pa's description, it refers to alsa (just as opt/firefox) ;-)15:11
jueteK_: you've read my comments about gimp and mypaint-brishes? ->
frinnstgood catch, thanks :-)15:30
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teK_jue: fixing. Thx!21:10
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