IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-09-17

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nomiusHey folks02:15
nomiusintel-ucode/microcode is not included in the linux-firmware package?02:16
jaegerIt's a separate port02:19
nomiusThanks jaeger02:21
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frinnstpedja: debian just released intel microcode updates08:17
frinnstnevermind (i think). they just really lag behind?08:18
frinnstFor the stable distribution (stretch), these problems have been fixed in08:18
frinnstversion 3.20180807a.1~deb9u1.08:18
pedjafrinnst, they had an issue with the licence in the previous version :)08:32
pedjaso they postponed the update08:33
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pedjabash completions go to etc/bash_completion.d or usr/share/bash-completion/completions? I keep forgetting :)12:13
pedjaI see files in both12:14
frinnstno, /dev/null13:00
pedjaI am old, can't remember all the options for all the applications like you Linux gods ;)13:17
frinnstno mail?13:18
pedjanot yet :(13:19
frinnsthope it didnt get lost13:19
pedjajust the bills13:19
frinnstdidnt put a return address on it13:19
pedjathe sorting center in the capitol gets overwhelmed sometimes13:19
pedjapeople order a shitload of stuff from Aliexpress :)13:20
pedjaI'll wait a couple more days, then go the local post office to ask if they know something about it13:22
pedjathere is a bit of chaos around it, they are laying some orange cables in the street where it is located13:23
pedjafinger-thick. couldn't figure out what it was :)13:24
pedjamicro-trenches all over the city centre13:26
pedjathe cable kind of looks like this
pedjano markings on it, thou13:29
frinnstcome on, you know better than thinking its fiber14:12
frinnstofcourse it's not!14:12
jaegerIt's empty, just looks like fiber :D14:26
pedjadoesn't really matter. even if it is FTTH/FTTB, it's nowhere near me :)14:47
pedjasome local 'powerful' people do live in that neighbourhood, so I guess their kids will get it14:49
pedjain the capitol, 1/1gbit net and IPTV is ~80€, afaik14:50
frinnstI pay around ~90€14:50
pedjayeah, but here that's 20% of the average income :)14:51
pedjanot that I expect it to be cheap14:52
pedjapeople that will get it either work in IT, so 1000+ € paycheck, or are just filthy rich by other means ;)14:53
pedjaFacebook will work much better on symetrical gigabit, right?14:55
pedjatbh, I don't really care, if I can get 50/8 or something like that for the price I currently pay for 20/2, I'll be a happy velociraptor15:00
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