IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-09-19

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Romsterif you want jaeger do you have mingw and dxvk also?14:39
jaegerThis is just staging, not dxvk and mingw as well14:42
pedjaapart from matter of taste, is there any significant difference between upstream dxvk binaries and the ones built locally?14:42
jaegerNot unless you want the latest git head14:43
jaegerBuilding them is a pain14:43
pedjapackaging and maintaining the whole toolchain just for that seems a bit...overkill :)14:44
jaegeragreed. and I haven't been successful at it anyway14:46
jaegerI could use one from some other distro, perhaps, but I haven't been able to build it myself14:47
pedjait's the PITA14:47
pedjalast time I needed cross-compiler, I think I used buildroot or crosstool or something like that14:49
pedjaI love when the first step for compiling on Windows is 'Install Visual Studio'14:51
pedjathose xml Makefiles that it is using are fscking unreadable14:52
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frinnstnew group in the new udev - render20:24
frinnst50-udev-default.rules:SUBSYSTEM=="kfd", GROUP="render", MODE="@GROUP_RENDER_MODE@"20:24
pedjais that AMD's compute thingie?20:40
pedja'kernel fusion driver'20:43
frinnstno clue. im out of touch20:47
pedjajaeger, you have go installed, right? did you try to build clang on that machine, by any chance?20:47
pedjaclang build fails at go bindings for me20:48
pedjafrinnst, I forgot, you are not really a desktop guy :)20:48
pedjano mail yet, just some flyers and new Ikea catalog20:50
pedjaand the nearest Ikea sop is 40km away...20:51
jaegerpedja: I hadn't tried before, but it seems to build for me. I didn't enable anything go-related, though, if that was needed22:07
pedjano, clang automagically sets the build for go when it detects it. hm, it works for you, I wonder what's the issue on my machine then22:09
pedjaor I'll just fork the clang port and disable ocaml, go, and other useless bindings :)22:11
pedjaor just use the package that Romster so kindly builds :)22:12
pedjathis gcc/clang situation is getting ridiculous.22:14
pedjapyside2 is using gcc to build, but one of its dependencies hard depends on libclang. ffs22:15
pedjaI miss the time when gcc was *the* compiler, none of this 'install 200mb to build 200kb library' crap22:19
pedjaoh, well, that's the price of progress/source-based distro, I guess :)22:21
jaegeryuck :/22:40

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