IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-09-22

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frinnstkeyutils depend on krb5 now? lame16:24
juefrinnst: indeed, we talked lately about that17:52
juefrinnst: guess you are using mesa 18.2.1?17:53
juefrinnst: I'm really unhappy with the kerberos dep but to stick with the old version of keyutils is not a real option IMO18:17
juemy krb5 update some days ago removed the openldap dependency, so ...18:20
juebut yeah, keyutils is part of our ISO18:20
jueand we have to note down that the dependency hell is growing ;)18:22
frinnstjue agreed20:04
frinnstyeah im using the lastest mesa20:04
frinnstand udev20:04
frinnst[    3.362280] udevd[349]: failed to execute '/lib/udev/@rootbindir@/udevadm' '@rootbindir@/udevadm trigger -s block -p ID_BTRFS_READY=0': No such file or directory20:04
frinnst[    3.650936] udevd[212]: ignoring invalid mode '@GROUP_RENDER_MODE@'20:04
frinnst[   21.679327] udevd[205]: specified group 'input' unknown20:04
frinnst[    3.260104] udevd[215]: ignoring invalid mode '@DEV_KVM_MODE@'20:05
frinnstnot really sure what that's about. im out of touch20:05
nomiusLooks like configure did not replace rootbindir (/bin) properly20:20
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