IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-09-29

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jaegerteK_: is your server ok again? :)18:14
jaegerIt seemed to be sick recently18:14
teK_disk full + dns query stop working after X days of operation. It runs Gentoo :-x18:15
teK_or are you referring to
teK_ is back online. I need to do some deeper digging as to why DNS fails18:16
teK_distfiles. never should have been gone.18:16
jaegerNo idea about distfiles, I just saw your email was bouncing18:16
teK_that was because of the full disk; I fixed it[tm]18:16
jaegerok :)18:16
teK_also, one of my mailboxes is used for spam, I asked the user to reset the pw.. without success. I think I'll just lock that thing18:17
teK_sharing server with people can suck18:18
jaegeryeah :/18:19
teK_I remember, when someone installed phpnuke ten years ago <3.18:20
frinnstphew. i was almost close to cronjob a queue purge of your emails :)19:57
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