IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-09-30

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jaegerhrmm... in opt/llvm, ninja uses all cores/threads by default unless a -j X is added19:21
jaegerI don't know if anyone cares, just noticed it because I was trying to use it to run build timing tests again19:21
frinnsthavent notived19:49
frinnstdoes it use the N specified?19:49
frinnstseems like it, no?19:50
jaegerIf you add -j N, yes. If you don't, it uses all threads19:50
Romsterthat is correct jaeger but it's an advantage when you have less ram and want to do less cores than your machine has or more with distcc22:41
jaegerWell, if you WANT to use fewer cores, it currently ignores you22:50
jaegerThat's my point22:50
jaegerBy *default*, ninja invoked WITHOUT '-j N' will use all your cores/threads22:51
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