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frinnstjue did you get my msg regarding poking charlie about our ipmi?17:32
teK_frinnst: the last bigger update for llvm broke mesa (?), there's llvm 7.0.0, mind giving it a test-ride?18:02
frinnstjust a versionbump required?18:20
frinnstbtw - tvtip: condor18:20
teK_jep, can TAR it up, if you want18:20
frinnstnah, building now18:20
frinnstnot sure, the internet :-)18:20
teK_also: I *like* castle rock18:20
teK_aka zoidberg?18:21
frinnstsomething like that18:21
teK_why do those lazy fucks only produce 10 episodes..18:21
frinnstafk, laundry18:21
frinnstquality > quantity18:21
teK_I want high quality in large quantities!!118:21
teK_jaeger: while ninja does not have a man page (wtf), it uses 10 cores (for me, depending on your cores. I guess: $num_cores + 2), not all by default but more than that ;-)18:26
pedjaanother tv tip: BBC's Bodyguard18:30
jaeger"Builds are always run in parallel, based by default on the number of CPUs your system has. Underspecified build dependencies will result in incorrect builds." <-- from
jaegerIt's not explicit about the number used, just "based by default on"... but on my TR system it uses them all18:32
jaegerThat's STILL not the point I was making, though18:32
jaegerIf, for example, you constrain MAKEFLAGS to -j1 in pkgmk.conf, ninja will ignore this18:32
frinnstI thought it would honor that18:34
frinnstguess I missunderstood18:34
jaegerIt doesn't, as far as could see in my tests18:34
jaegerthough it did honor -jN directly18:34
frinnsti often only use half of the available cores18:34
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teK_all those hip new build systems. Misunderstood also. And wtf does it mean by incorrect builds ... wth!18:35
frinnstzzzzz llvm tarball compression18:35
teK_we should use parallel de/compression :-)18:35
teK_not only saying this as the texlive maintainer -.-18:36
frinnstany  trouble building mesa3d with llvm7? or some runtime error?18:39
teK_Did not give it a shot, but can do if you wnat me to18:39
teK_I have llvm-7 packed up so i'll give it a go18:39
frinnstnah no worries18:39
teK_let's race! :)18:40
frinnstwell it breaks linked stuff but thats not very surprising18:42
frinnstmesa3d built fine with llvm718:42
teK_ during configure but keeps compiling18:42
frinnstdidnt notice that18:43
teK_it built quickly for you. What CPU do you have?18:43
frinnstdoh, only save failed logs18:44
frinnstdoh nevermind. built it with pkgmk ofcourse18:44
frinnstnot prt-get18:44
frinnstafk condor18:45
teK_I have a mobile i7 (i7-8550U), still building18:45
teK_so we are good to update?18:45
frinnstwell it will probably break X completely for unsuspecting users18:45
teK_I can send a [notify] to people..18:45
teK_sudo pkgmk  1215.15s user 80.00s system 530% cpu 4:04.05 total18:46
jaegerhalf the cores and a lower clock speed, numbers jive18:46
pedjaACTION prt-get locks llvm/clang18:47
pedjallvm takes a while, clang fails to build on my machine, so I'll wait for Romster's packages :)18:51
jaegerI can upload an llvm package if you like, I've built it MANY times already today, heh18:53
pedjathat would be great, jaeger, thanks :)18:54
pedjathe usual, rebuild mesa3d after the update?18:54
teK_xorg-server and mesa3d18:54
teK_and glu.18:54
pedjaah, OK18:56
teK_stick with revdep to be sure18:56
jaegerETA ~30s18:56
pedjaspeaking of revdep, libreoffice is broken, apparently18:56
teK_does it run?18:57
teK_it's a binary package so this does not have to indicate error18:57
pedjawriter does, but some other parts of it are broken, iirc18:57
pedjaDraw, I think. someone mentioned that in the main channel few days ago18:58
jaegerOh, just realized you were probably talking about llvm 7 which I haven't built yet, sorry19:00
pedjait's OK, I am not in a hurry19:00
jaegerI'm just doing the build time tests on the TR box, which is why I found out ninja was using more cores/threads than specified19:00
pedjajaeger, how long to build the kernel on it? that is suing all the cores that it can get, iirc19:02
pedjaeven Linus is thinking of getting one :)19:03
pedja(no, the other one)19:03
pedjaso far, openjdk looks like a drop-in replacement for Oracle's JDK. nice.19:08
teK_pushed an update for libreoffice, *maybe* this helps19:13
pedjaI am curious. which Java are you people using for Elasticsearch? openjdk?19:17
teK_jre up to now but not a big java user in general19:18
pedjano more jre in Java11, iirc19:19
pedja'the JRE or Server JRE is no longer offered. Only the JDK is offered.'19:21
teK_I did not follow closely but I think that's right. I have some proprietary stuff like sweethome3d and xmind but I can live without these19:21
pedjachange of licence, too19:21
pedjafor JDK19:22
frinnstgotta milk that enterprise money19:23
pedjano more production or internal use of it19:24
pedjaonly testing/development/demoing the application that it's using it19:25
pedjabut if people are going to use openjdk for application in production, it makes no sense to use jdk for development19:27
pedjabtw, I've seen in one of the Reddit subforums people mentioning businesses getting letters from Oracle requiring that they pay for Virtualbox Extension pack19:29
pedjathey track the IP blocks d/l come from, apparently19:32
pedjateK_, Impress and Draw and broken even in the latest libreoffice. other parts work, afaict19:37
jaegerI use openjdk for ES since it's simple19:39
jaegerdon't have to add extra repos or go through oracle's download walls19:39
jaegerpedja: I'll time the kernel build when the llvm builds are done, if you like19:39
jaegerWe use openjdk for ES at work, too. No problems19:40
jaegerwell, none caused by openjdk :D ES has plenty of its own problems19:40
pedjajaeger, when you get around to it, it's no big deal. I am just curious :)19:42
pedjatakes around 40min on my machine, but I do have quite a few modules enabled, for various stuff19:44
teK_pedja: you have a link for the vbox extension topic?19:54
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teK_I work for a pretty large company and wonder if we are paying them for this20:17
teK_hey frinnst, do you mind building texlive after the llvm stunt to see if it breaks? I get undefined reference to dlsym() and friends now, well well20:18
juefrinnst: sorry, no mail from you20:19
frinnstirc message20:19
jueteK_: I'd suggest to add '-j ${JOBS:-1}' to the ninja call in the llvm Pkgfile, like many other ports do, for example opt/fuse320:22
juefrinnst: no, I missed that20:24
teK_jue: is this different from MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf?20:25
jueyes, ninja doesn't honor MAKEFLAGS20:26
juethat was the main reason to introduce the JOBS variable in pkgmk.conf sometime ago20:28
jueteK_: here's the FS ticket ->
frinnstanywas, if maybe you, jaeger or tek could send charlie an email reminding him to connect our impi to their vpn network and give us access.20:41
frinnsti've been bothering him about it for close to a year and now im just nagging him20:42
frinnstit should be the left-most port on the back of the server, if I remember correctly - it's been a while :)20:43
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Worksterjue,  teK_ llvm is  specal case it does not honer ninja -j at all. you set -DLLVM_PARALLEL_COMPILE_JOBS="${JOBS:-1}" which i had done on tek_'s behalf23:08
Worksterwhat jue said is true of ninja for /any other/ port that uses ninja23:09
Worksterjaeger, i didn't realise you ere refering to llvm with the -j option to ninja. because it uses cmake insted of mako it does not work the same. ^23:14
jaegercmake isn't the issue, ninja is the issue23:23
jaegercmake can generate ninja builds or makefiles23:23
jaegerline 36 specifically, where ninja is called by itself23:24
jaegerIf passing it as a cmake var works, that's fine too23:24
Worksterwhich i hve done, i hit that issue as well until i found the cmake variable to do that, which is set if you look in the Pkgfile.23:34
Worksteri am building llvm 7.0.0 then clang 7.0.0 does teK_ want to do this since he is back or is fine with me bumping them when it's done building?23:34
jaegerIf it's set, it's not working23:49
jaegerYeah, I see it now. ninja ignored it.23:50
Worksteri found that out last time i did work on it.23:55
Worksterllvm built now for clang23:56

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