IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-10-08

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jaegerI love it when someone puts a typo in a sudoers file in puppet, thus breaking sudo for everyone on every machine in the infrastructure20:16
teK_it's easy to administer, fix, fuck up things with puppet :-)20:33
teK_at least, you only had to wait for the next re-run after fixing things. Also: how about an integrity checking hook in the according puppet config git repo before pushing / deployment?20:33
jaegerthe best part is that he committed the change without testing, then went away for a couple of hours at least20:35
jaegerAnyway, I fixed it, and I've suggested the latter, but haven't had the time to try to implement something20:35
teK_to let it "sink in" or something20:35
jaegerIt's hosted in a private bitbucket repo, wonder if their available hooks can be made to do this20:35
teK_for now, implement a hook rejecting any of his commits with a random, cryptic error message20:36
jaegerit would be simple enough on a system I ran entirely20:36
teK_use, if possible20:36
teK_btw.. are you using any time of special build environment on a sotware level?20:37
jaegerNot sure what you mean, can you elaborate?20:43
teK_chroot, docker, for a vanilla env.20:46
teK_btw.. can we have this image being my Danny with a ping pong stick moment? Please? :}20:46
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jaegerWell, we use jenkins for some things. I use docker and vagrant for test environments for all my stuff21:20
jaegerMost of my tasks are ops/infrastructure, not software development21:20

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