IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-10-09

nomiusjaeger: I always overwrite sudoers with a custom configuration and check every sudoers.d file with visudo -c... If not OK, I exclude it01:15
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teK_jaeger: I was referring to port building21:06
jaegerteK_: Ah, thought you were asking about work stuff since we had been talking about the sudoers and puppet thing. I use docker for clean-env port building21:10
teK_Romster: p5-libwww needs a footprint bump21:22
teK_sorry for getting this mixed up :-)21:22
teK_are you using a patched kernel with aufs or what's the storage driver for you?21:23
jaegerI'm using devicemapper. I don't think it's the recommended one these days but haven't felt like rebuilding just for that21:24
jaegerat least on my build system. I think I use overlay2 on the others21:24
teK_I see.. I have yet to checout overlayfs21:26
teK_I built a script to create ports in a clean env after Romster's comments last week and it uses aufs21:27
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jaegerteK_: if you want the image I use, it's here:

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