IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-10-15

teK_jaeger: thanks,.. I created a script that generates this env. from any given (CRUX) ISO and another one building stuff using chroot, aufs (which I plan to make modular i.e. plain copy everytime, overlayfs, ..)08:06
jaegerok :) If that does what you want, no reason to replace it :)13:44
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teK_works reasonably well and stable; I am willing to put something in writing in the wiki for development soonish :-)19:21
frinnstlet me know before so I can be prepared to delete it <319:43
teK_was just hesitant if you were being hostile or referring to a certain night of 'the purge'-ing19:50
teK_or both?20:32
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jaegerwhy not both? and/or zoidberg21:25
teK_frinnst can be mean and purgy at times, even both at the same time, I suppose21:29
teK_I never met zoidberg to chat :(21:29
jaegerhe's multi-talented21:29
teK_full ack21:44
frinnsttoday I was asked why a "web dev"s wordpress theme didnt allow files bigger than 2mb to be uploaded to the header21:46
frinnstthat made me sad21:46
jaegermost sentences with wordpress in them make me sad these days21:48
teK_I just today changed that setting in php.ini for roundcube21:51
teK_and that @wordpress.21:51
frinnstwe have a roundcube install that runs on debian 621:51
frinnst\o/ ?21:52
jaegerhow's the security backporting for debian 6?21:52
teK_that Gentoo installation sure as hell is older than debian 6 but HAS been updated ever since21:52
jaegersadly that's the answer I was expecting21:52
frinnstthink it stopped getting patches 2 or 3 years ago21:53
frinnstspeaking of updates. we need to poke charlie a bit21:53
jaegerstill about the ipmi?21:53
frinnstsadly none of my pokes does much use it seems21:54
frinnstmaybe if it came from you21:54
jaegerI can try... what do we still need?21:54
frinnstfor him to connect a cat cable to the left-most port (i think, dont remember for sure) to their openvpn net21:55
frinnstcrux 3.3 ran php 5.6 iirc? Then we need to make sure everything still works with 7.2 or whatever is in opt these days21:56
jaegeryeah, we've got 5.6 on crux.nu21:57

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