IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-10-21

jaegerI feel bad for our poor commits being in comas01:03
frinnstauthorFun <>01:36
frinnst3rd party commits usually omit signatures since they dont have the private key. the commit after readded them01:36
frinnstmaybe we should be more verbose in our commit messages? I looked at that commit earlier and also found it confusing at first01:38
frinnsttook a while to get my brain to recall the xorg-proto stuff01:39
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frinnstanything fun in sysvinit 2.91 ?15:29
frinnstseems like there is a prefered iputils fork:
frinnstit has merged ping6, traceroute6 etc into just ping and traceroute which is nice16:49
frinnstwhat's not so nice is the libidn2 dependency16:50
frinnsttraceroute6 still remains, tracepath6 has merged into tracepath16:50
frinnstah, goodie it can be disabled16:54
frinnstlazy port with old manpages:
frinnstaaaw fuck, managed to botch it17:20
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