IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-10-22

jueFYI, I'm away until sunday this week, take care :)10:04
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jaegerAnyone messing with glibc 2.28 yet?20:10
frinnstof course. since day 1 :-)20:27
frinnstgcc (CRUX-x86_64-multilib) 8.2.020:28
frinnstthere are/were some minor issues as usual when I last rebuilt everything20:28
jaegerFigured you would be but I couldn't remember. :)20:43
frinnstI can push it to the 3.5 branch if you're interested20:46
frinnstsince the branch is already there :)20:46
jaegerIf you like. I haven't started looking at it just yet but was thinking about it20:46
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