IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-10-24

frinnstbecause its not a complete port. I rushed it somewhat yesterday :-)06:20
pedjaI wonder if there are going to be any 'but, but, the pulseaudio is EVIL!!!' reactions after ff-6407:52
frinnstyeah Im very surprised08:11
frinnstthe 63 announcement has gone over very well as of yet08:11
pedjaif I were cynical, I'd say it's because that, breaking change for some, is still in the future :)08:38
pedjaoh, well. people are free to roll their own if they are *that* annoyed, right?08:39
pedjaor use Romster's binary. iirc, he hates PA with a passion :)08:41
frinnstnot sure how well the wrapper works08:54
pedjaapulse? based on gh issues, any random ff release can break it. or wine. or some games. or...09:06
pedjaif people are willing to jump thru hoops and broken behaviour just to avoid PA, well09:08
pedjausing sound normalizer plugin for 'YT assholes with extra loud intros/outros' is godsend. and it's trivial to set up with PA09:11
pedjatoo often, when people whine about issues with PA, when I ask if they opened a bug upstream so it can be fixed/addressed, the answer is 'no, couldn't be bothered'09:18
pedjaif developers, any developers, had a crystal ball, they wouldn't have bothered with software. predict the Eurolotto numbers, collect 20M, retire on a island09:22
Romsteri'll just fork all the firefox stuffs so i can build it from source for 6411:52
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