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Romsterso what will happen with librsvg the later versions use rust?12:50
Romsterprt-get dependent librsvg --all |xargs12:50
Romstergimp adwaita-icon-theme tint2 gst-plugins-bad deluge12:50
pedjaalso darktable and xfce xkb plugin13:00
pedjabtw, 2.40 branch in the librsvg has 2.140.21 as the latest version13:04
pedjalibrsvg repo*13:04
onoderawhat's the problem here? Don't want to include rust in opt?13:05
Romsterfrinnst, is spitting the dummy at nodejs inclusion for firefox but i've already made opt/nodejs. that wasn't a big deal. just add nodejs to firefox dependencies and be done.13:09
Romsterso what also happens with thunderbird that also uses rust too.13:10
Romstermight be the case of removing extra bloat from the iso pedja and onodera, i don't know the exact problem other than frinnst is against nodejs13:11
pedjaiirc, adding node as a dep was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back :)13:12
onoderayeah i can understand13:13
Romsteri would of thought clang would of been the straw13:13
Romsterif not for rust13:13
onoderaI'll try maintaining my own source-build port13:13
pedjato his credit, he really tried to keep it going13:14
pedjabut I understand the frustration13:14
Romsteri am thinking of making my own ports tree just for firefox librsvg thunderbird and still push out packages as i do already13:14
pedjauntil something breaks, there is no chance in hell I'll add rust just to build librsvg13:15
Romstercould even attach the built firefox package to a bin port in opt?13:15
pedjathat's an interesting idea13:15
Romstercould just make librsvg binary too in opt or keep it at this version13:15
onoderaeh, more and more will probably depend on rust in the future13:16
onoderathat way you'll just end up with dozen binary packages imo13:16
Romsteri'm not sure if frinnst wants to drop rust just out of the iso or also out of opt.13:16
Romsteri'm sure we will get more information when others read the chat.13:17
pedjaff was the main reason to have rust, wasn't it?13:18
Romsteri am of the mind of everything possible should be source based. who knows what they could slip into a binary build?13:18
Romsterff was then thunderbird uses it and i was gonna pick up librsvg but i don't wanna make it depend on rust as that will kick up a storm.13:19
Romsteri'm sure it's probably got security related issues i've not looked into.13:19
pedjaunless you check the source, there is no guarantee that something isn't there. so no difference, really13:20
pedjareproducible builds might me an answer, but the are rare still, afaik13:24
pedjaas for librsvg and rust, this is an interesting read
pedjaI am not a developer, but using a language you barely know to write so widely used library seems...unreasonable13:30
onoderaimmodestly closed the issue as well, very typical13:30
pedjatime and time again, GNOME developers live in their own little bubble13:37
pedjainstead of addressing the valid criticism, they pull the 'we don't talk like that in our community' card13:40
pedjait's all unicorns and rainbows in GNOME-land, it seems13:40
frinnstI have not much interest in maintaining stuff I dont use. It will just result in low quality crap13:53
frinnstI won't magically just remove the deps i have introduced when I drop firefox 6413:54
frinnstI intend to replace thunderbird with thunderbird-bin too13:54
frinnstlibrsvg seems to be unmaintained13:54
frinnst won't magically just remove* (over night)13:55
frinnstif someone wants to take over maintainership of the rust crap let me know13:56
pedjaheh. librsvg foork I was looking at as a possible replacement is, wait for it, also written in rust14:01
pedjacan't we just use the upstream rust binary to build crap instead of going thru pain of building it?14:06
pedjaor is more complicated then that?14:07
Romsterwell now it seems opt/meson depends on opt/python3-setuptools if i update the meson version14:19
Romsterpython3-setuptools is the only new dependency but means if meson is on the iso so will python3-setuptools will need to be added.14:22
Romsterthat's gonna change anything with sdist to wheel metadata in footprints14:22
pedjawell, my quick and dirty rust-bin seems to work. librsvg 0.44.8 builds, at least14:51
pedjarust-bin port*14:51
Romsteralso looking into new python3 bump. will look more at that in the morning. currently compiling14:53
pedjago to sleep already :)14:54
Romsteri know right14:54
pedja'just this one more thing before I go to bed'14:55
pedjayeah, been there14:55
Romsterhours latet14:58
pedjaI'll stick to 3.6 for now14:59
pedjabump to 3.7 before the next time I build blenders14:59
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