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nomiusThere's a bug in the new nvidia package03:16
nomius    ln -s$verison $PKG/usr/lib/
nomiusit should be $version and it says $verison03:16
nomiusjaeger: also in gl-select: ln -s libglx_so_nvidia /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so05:02
nomiusThis is creating a broken symlink to me...05:02
nomiusAccording to, (when nvidia glx) should point to where the is located, I believe in crux nvidia port that is /usr/lib/nvidia/xorg/libglxserver_nvidia.so05:04
jaegernomius: I'll lkook at the first one... as for the second, stop using gl-select and uninstall it :)06:54
jaegerIn the era of libglvnd, gl-select is of no use06:54
nomiusYeap, makes sense06:54
jaegernp, thanks for the heads up on the typo06:57
jaegerI'll fix it a bit later, about to fall asleep06:59
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Romsteroh is that why my glx didn't work and i reverted to the older nvidia version, i didn't try to find the fault on the newer driver.11:03
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jaegerNo, that isn't why. It's just a problem with EGL pieces15:05
jaegerbesides, this typo has been in every libglvnd version of the nvidia port, it's not new15:19
pedjajaeger, do you happen to know if 410.x nvidia works with 4.19 kernel?15:39
jaegerI haven't tried 4.19 with it yet15:39
pedjaah, ok15:40
pedjawhat are EGL pieces for, anyway? wayland?15:42
jaegerembedded and wayland, I think15:42
pedjaI love how every nvidia driver rebuild with the new kernel adds a bit of the excitement. 'will it create proper device nodes/load all the modules' :)15:44
pedjasince my nvidia port isn't shipping nvidia-modprobe15:45
jaegerwhat kind of excitement?15:47
pedjawill the desktop be sloooow, since it's using that Vmware software rendering thingie, or use nvidia :)15:48
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jaegerAh, sounds less like excitement and more like "is it working or not?" :)15:49
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jaegerI was thinking maybe you meant odd behaviors15:49
pedjawell, it's not odd, more PITA, nvidia driver filling xorg log with 'dfp-1/crt etc disconnected' messages15:51
pedjait's been going on for a while, and there is a mention at nvidia forums that they are working on it, so15:52
jaegerOK, I must be confused, you're not talking about whether or not it works with a new kernel version, this is a buggy behavior when it's installed?15:53
pedjasorry :) yes. module loading sometimes/most times works just fine. sometimes it gets confused15:54
pedjanvidia-uvm module isn't loaded, so it subtly breaks the desktop opengl15:54
pedjai think15:54
pedjaafk for a bit15:55
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