IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-10-29

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frinnstjaeger: have you tried the 3.5 toolchain any?08:54
frinnsti noticed that breaking prt-get will cause it to segfault with the new toolchain10:28
jaegerI've used it a little in a VM but not really stressed it13:34
frinnstguess its a signal thing14:24
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jaegerwelcome back14:56
juethanks :)15:04
jaegerhope you had a nice break. :)15:07
jueyeah, was a nice week15:18
jueand now quite some CRUX work is waiting15:19
jaegerIf you mean updates, I apologize, have been pretty busy with other stuff. If you would like a hand with some, let me know. Today isn't crazy15:21
jaegerfrinnst: I bought another mech keyboard, heh15:23
jaegertoo many computers, need a lot of keyboards15:23
juejaeger: thanks for the offer, but it's fine for me, I have the time and we are not in hurry ;)15:26
jaegerFair enough :)15:27
frinnstpics or gtfo!15:38
jaegerWell, it hasn't arrived yet15:38
frinnstjue i'm currently testing new eudev and gdbm. looks good so far15:39
jaegerIt's much cheaper than a lot of other options. A coworker has one and likes it quite a bit.15:40
frinnstlooks neat15:40
jaegeryeah, I think so as well. I've typed on his and it felt fine15:40
frinnstlots of stuff included15:42
frinnstboth c-c and c-a, impressive15:42
frinnstthe only thing I dislike about my ducky is the piercing brightness of the leds15:43
frinnstin a dark room the ceiling is illuminated.. crazy bright15:44
jaegerdoes it have adjustable brightness?15:44
jaegerAh, bummer15:44
frinnstno backlighting - only caps/numlock etc15:45
jaegeryeah, which is ok by me. I have 2 other keyboards with adjustable leds15:48
frinnstyeah I dont really like backlit. too noisy15:49
frinnsttook a sharpie to the leds.. it helped a bit but not enough :-)15:49
jaegerI like backlit keys if I can set them to lower brightness :)15:50
juefrinnst: I've committed eudev already but nothing done with gdbm16:13
frinnstahhh and you updated filesystem too16:24
frinnstit seems doing that screws up /dev/shm16:24
frinnstI thought only glibc screwed that up16:25
juehmm, how so?16:30
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jaegerI noticed that the sticky bit was remoevd but didn't think much of it at the time17:06
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pedjajue, any cons to unbound dumping/reloading existing cache o start/stop/reload?17:19
pedjajust seems wasteful to start from scratch every time17:20
juejaeger: ah, I see, that's indeed a problem within a running system17:21
juewe should probably fix the filesystem port to install /dev/shm with mode 1777 ?17:23
jaegerYeah, that seems like a reasonable thing to do17:24
jueok, will do17:27
frinnsttry having firefox running while updating "filesystem"17:29
frinnstI have to unmount /dev/shm and then mount it again17:29
jueyeah, see the problem17:35
jueseems to work for me if I do a 'chmod 1777 /dev/shm/'17:36
jaegerI did a chmod as well17:43
juepedja: you'll run in problems if the contains old or wrong data17:53
jues/if the/if the cache/17:53
pedjaah. didn't think of that :)17:54
juebut might be ok if we do that only for the restart command?17:56
pedja'reload' can be added to rc script, for clean slate, in case of problems, I think17:59
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pedjabut that would require using unbound-control, so18:01
pedjajue, on second thought, you are right. not reusing cache is the safest option18:06
pedjait's easy to do with unbound-control, if needed18:07
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