IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-10-31

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juejaeger: without any additional regexp I can fetch the page just fine10:06
juehere's the rule I'm using -> nvidia  md5
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jaegernvidia                  md5  Latest.*Lived\sBranch\sversion:.*$ <-- this is what I'm using, maybe I  need to change it13:48
jaegerthough looking at the source, seems like that should still be valid13:49
jues/version/Version/ ;)13:59
jaegerohhhhh. nice catch, thanks!14:02
jaegerannoying when they make small changes like that14:02
jaegernext time I'll run it through a regex tester, heh14:02
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frinnstjaeger: some rsyslog deps are missing from opt I think21:26
jaegeroops. Thanks, will take a look. I probably forgot to move them21:47

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