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pedjaRomster, 3.6.7 is the latest from 3.6.x series. have you had any issues with it, so you pushed 3.6.6 instead?12:18
Romsterugh already12:36
Romsteri was holding off to test it was all fine12:36
Romsterand at the time it was 3.6.512:37
Romstersorry 3.6.612:37
pedjano issues with 3.6.7 so far, fwiw12:45
pedjaI'll bump it to 3.7.x when blender beta lands12:46
pedjaI usually test python3 with numpy.test(). if that goes fine, I can be reasonably sure all is good :)12:48
pedjapyside2, too12:50
Romster3.7.x requires rebuilding all the python modules and updating the .footprints12:50
pedjayeah, so it's best, imho, to postpone it for 3.5?12:51
Romsterthat's what i was thinking12:51
pedjaopenssl-1.1, python-3.7, gcc-8. 3.5 is going to be fun12:53
Romsteryeah crux 3.5 looks to be a big change of everything.12:54
Romsterand possibly a later glibc?12:55
pedjahaven't checked the 3.5 branch.12:55
Romsteri've been busy that i haven't been doing as much on crux.12:55
pedjaboost build is...interesting. for some reason, some apps don't detect its py3 lib (separate port I have).12:57
pedjaweirdly, some do.12:57
pedjabut updating that requires a massive rebuild of shit dependent on it, so not yet :)12:58
pedjashared libs, static libs, python2, python3. it's a mess12:59
Romstertell me about it13:10
Romsteri am amazed i even do a good enough job as it is?13:10
Romsteri had a go at boost-python3 but i wasn't happy with the results so i didn't commit it.13:12
Romsternot tried again since13:12
pedja <--my py3boost port13:19
pedjamostly works :)13:19
pedjaI really wish they switch to something saner as a build system, like cmake or meson13:21
pedjaoh, well13:21
pedjaI think that the issue with openvdb(I think) not finding it is that it defaults to python2, and the switch for python3 is...somewhere13:26
pedjabut that's a minor thing13:27
Romsterprobably find it grepping the source13:29
pedjayeah. weirdly, arch port isn't explicitly setting it, and yet it (presumably) builds. but I'll have to check that another time13:30
pedjayou already pushed compat-32 vulkan updates? damn, that was quick :)13:31
Romsterwith as many ports as i maintain or try too... i had to get more efficient.13:32
Romsteri still think i am not doing the best work though. lately i've got a bit sloppy.13:33
pedjaI had to roll glslang tarball from specific commit this time, validation layers were broken with stable and master release :)13:33
pedjaRomster, nah, you are doing fine13:33
Romsteryeah i tried to bump vulkan myself and hit that and then left it13:34
Romsteras when i updated nvidia it broke mpv vulkan so i reverted nvidia and i haven't sysuped yet13:34
pedjausually it works, but they merged a lot of stuff lately, in preparation for 1.0.90, so the things got out of sync13:35
pedjabuild fine with 410.x and this vulkan, afacit13:36
Romsternot even looked at the version of that yet hence why i said sloppy13:36
Romstercurrent one in contrib broke on later nvidia using --vo=gpu --gpu-api=vulkan13:37
Romsterbut that was when the symlink for gl in nvidia port was dangling.13:37
Romsterso that might of been it13:37
pedjaegl link was dangling13:37
Romstereither that or the vulkan API didn't match the nvidia one.13:38
Romsteri don't know i didn't dig into it.13:38
pedjanvidia api is 1.1.8213:38
Romsternvidia              390.87-1            410.73-213:39
Romsteri'm still on 390.87-113:39
pedja390.x was 1.1.79, iirc13:40
Romsteras that works, but i gather with the new vulkan updates now it'll work on 410.73-213:40
pedjavulkaninfo should tell you if anything is broken on that side13:40
Romstercat /etc/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json "library_path": "", "api_version" : "1.0.65"13:41
Romstercat /etc/OpenCL/vendors/nvidia.icd13:41
Romsterah i should check with vulkaninfo once i sysup and restart my desktop. but i am to tired to do it right now.13:42
pedjaone of these days I'll clean up and push shaderc, so people with AMD/Intel iGPU can use mpv with vulkan13:43
pedjaat least I think that's what is for :)13:43
Romsterthat sounds good13:43
pedjacan't test it, thou, no hw13:44
Romsterheh vulkaninfo tries to load the 32bit libs13:44
RomsterERROR: [Loader Message] Code 0 : /usr/lib32/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS3213:45
RomsterERROR: [Loader Message] Code 0 : /usr/lib32/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS3213:45
pedjayeah :) in previous versions it segfaulted, now it just issues an error13:45
Romsterwell that's better than a segfault13:45
Romsterhmm what i'll do is dump the info before and after a sysup and see if mpv works after.13:46
Romsterbe odd if it breaks it again13:46
pedja1.1.90 should be interesting for gamers, several new extensions dxvk thingie uses should be merged by then13:47
pedja'mpv -vo=gpu --gpu-api=vulkan --gpu-debug --log-file=log' is chatty af, but useful :)13:50
Romsterah yeah speaking of chatty an update for that too.13:51
Romsteri do need sleeps it's almost 1am13:51
Romsteri would stay up super late but i am mentally drained from work13:52
RomsterACTION learned to not commit when tired13:52
pedjaget away from the keyboard, then, and go to bed :)13:52
Romsteri will in a sec i just finished my apple cider13:53
pedjanever drank one of those13:53
Romsterthere not bad. not strong in alcohol just a nice drop13:54
Romsteri'm usually into the beer or scotch/bourbon13:55
pedjared wine or beer are my poisons of choice13:56
Romsteroh yeah if you get time openjdk8 :)13:56
pedjaI made a binary port for openjdk...10? I think13:56
Romsteryou didn't build it from your ports tree?13:57
pedjaon a dual core? nah :)13:57
Romsteri'm probably thinking of j_v then.13:57
Romsteryep i am tired.13:58
Romsteropenjdk8 works well on chatty and minecraft13:58
pedjaa few Java apps I use seem to work fine with openjdk11, too (it's 11, not 10. my bad)14:02
pedjaI have yet to test librsvg update built using binary rust I packaged14:03
pedjabuilds fine, but :)14:04
Romsterrust is so slow, does not use all my cores14:04
pedjarust is slow, period14:05
Romsteri'm gonna get some sleep then i'll take a look at bumnping python3 agaun14:06
pedjathe librsvg build takes a *long* time compared to the 'legacy' librsvg build14:06
Romsteri could imagine14:06
pedjagranted, my potatoputer is basically legacy hw at this point, but still14:07
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