IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-11-03

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john_cephalopodaMy jmf repo moved from rsync to httpup and changed the domain. My httpup file is now
john_cephalopodaThe signature/pubkey stays the same.14:15
john_cephalopodaCan somebody with portdb access please update that data?14:15
jaegerI'll give it a look in a bit14:16
john_cephalopodaThanks, jaeger15:37
jaegerOK, it's updated. Should change next time the portdb jobs run15:40
john_cephalopodaThanks again :)15:41
jaegersure :)15:42
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jaegerman, it takes about a gig of RAM to successfully boot the CRUX ISO these days18:24
jaegerrootfs keeps getting bigger18:24
jaegerI'm thinking it might be time to rework it so that it doesn't load everything into RAM (tmpfs)18:25
jaegerOriginally the point of that was so the ISO could be unmounted if need be but that's not a common use case, I imagine18:25
pedjalast time I tried, it almost booted with :)18:41
pedjaboots fine, but fails at mounting the media, iirc18:42
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