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Romsterxorg-xf86-video-geode and xorg-xf86-video-sis have issues compiling, no recent updates. i am thinking these are obsolete and who even uses geode and sis? Could these be dropped?10:21
jueRomster: it takes ages fir me to build new python3 because all tests are run13:08
Romsterthought it be fast on more modern hardware compared to my dated machine.13:15
Romsterif it's that slow i'll disable the PGO optimise.13:15
Romsterjue, i went through opt and made reports for stuff that i found broken. i haven't finished with contrib yet.13:17
juewell, I think I have a modern hardware -> AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor13:17
Romstermine is a old phenom 2 965 black edition 3.4Ghz13:18
Romsteri'd like a 2700x13:18
Romsterbut yeah if it's too slow i can disable the PGO so it's as fast as before it doesn't get updated all that often.13:19
juebut building python3 took around 30 min for me13:19
Romsteryikes... i never really noticed the time i just queued up the jobs and let them run. i'll fix that up.13:20
Romsterdid you see about xorg-xf86-video-geode and xorg-xf86-video-sis ? above.13:30
Romsterboth fail to compile13:30
Romsterfixed python3 if that's too messy i'll remove the PGO if block entirely.13:45
jueTBH, it looks a bit messy, is that all worth the troubel?14:03
jueadding a new variable to pkgmk.conf, for just one port,  looks a bit strange to me14:08
pedja~10% speed increase in the benchmarks (haven't seen any data with actual apps)14:25
pedjanumpy test suite could be interesting to run with vanilla and optimized versions14:26
pedjaapplications that need extra speed use cython to optimize, in most cases14:30
pedjapython3 shipped with Anaconda is built without lt/pgo. they either think it's not worth the trouble or optimized python breaks something :)14:47
jaegeryeah, the build time difference on python3 is night and day16:08
frinnstjaeger, jue did you see my email regarding openssl? thoughts?16:30
frinnstim running 1.1.1 and the breakage seems minimal16:31
frinnsti think debian 9 even use openssl 1.1.0 so most upstream stuff seem to have gotten their act together16:31
frinnstcompared to when i tested it for crux 3.4. then it wwas all broken :-)16:32
jaegerI'll go look, haven't looked at my mail recently16:33
frinnstwrong wiki :D16:37
jaegerOK, I see it. Sorry for the lack of reply. I think it's fine for 3.5. May need some work to patch other things down the road but that's kinda always an issue with openssl16:38
frinnstno worries. yeah I think so16:39
frinnst1.0.2 is not really an option since it will soon be EOL16:40
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frinnstnodejs now depends on icu? good thing im switching to firefox-bin23:15
frinnsticu is awesome, but it gets in everywhere23:16
jaegerIt really does23:48

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