IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-11-05

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juefrinnst: wrt openssl, thanks for your info and sorry for the late respnse; and yeah, I think 1.1.1 is the only senseful version for 3.511:41
pedjahaven't seen that many openssl-1.1 patches in arch. python2 patches, otoh :)11:58
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frinnsthow much stuff still require python2 instead of python3?14:02
frinnstIm tempted to remove it and see what happens :-)14:03
pedjacheck out
pedjawhen you remove python modules, not that many apps, apparently :)14:09
pedjaif core/opt/xorg build with python3, python2 can be deprecated/moved to contrib, imho14:12
frinnstwould be lovely to actually remove some stuff for a change14:13
pedjarust and friends?14:13
pedjaor will they stay, beacuse of librsvg?14:14
frinnstfuck it14:14
frinnstfuck rust14:14
pedjaI made a rust-bin port. 5 min > 5 days :)14:14
frinnstnobody is maintaining librsvg, right?14:15
frinnstif someone picks it up they can have my rust shite14:15
pedjaI think Romster mentioned that he would be interested in it. could be wrong, thou14:16
pedjalatest librsvg builds fine with rust-bin, but still haven't tested if it actually breaks something14:17
frinnstmoving librsvg to rust seems like insanity14:17
frinnstyeah I saw. glorious14:18
frinnstit just screams like typical "github development"14:18
pedjawell, everbody is using rustup to install rust, right? :)14:19
pedjadistro packages are for wimps14:20
frinnstsame mentality14:21
pedjagame like aa is for mobile. something like this, which is, I presume rts? what's the fucking point on 6' screen?14:29
frinnst-- Packages removed18:04
frinnsthuh, only 4 broken ports after revdep18:05
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pedjaany thoughts on fs#1647? does it even apply to Crux?20:23
juefrinnst: wrt FS#1696: opt/talloc is up-to-date, version 2.1.1421:08
juecause samba depends on it I did the latest updates for talloc and tevent but forgot to put me in as the maintainer21:09
juewill fix this tomorrow21:10
frinnstah ok22:06
frinnstdid you handle the ticket?22:07
frinnstI noticed it because it was the only port that didnt want to play without python2 :-)22:07

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