IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-11-08

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frinnstseems my odd 'more' segfault is due to ncurses somehow09:30
frinnstif I configure without ncurses-wide support it runs fine09:30
frinnststill dont get "why"10:47
juehave you tried to debug the crash?10:58
jueare you running crux 3.4 or something special10:59
frinnstits on 3.411:18
frinnsta backtrace doesnt really say all that much - to me anyways11:18
juehmm, that's strange11:19
frinnstbuild warnings11:20
frinnstthis is from config from two boxes:
frinnstdiffers a bit11:32
frinnstyeah, fails to find ncursesw on all "working" installs11:34
frinnstiirc i did clean up some old non-pkg tracker ncurses files from /lib and /usr/lib a few days ago11:35
jueI don't see warnings, guess your ncruses install is broken11:50
juelooks like you have a dir /usr/include/ncursesw with some files in it?11:54
frinnstgood catch13:10
frinnstlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Aug  7  2015 ncurses.h -> ../curses.h13:10
juefrinnst: all good now?14:04
frinnstyep. what did we change in 2015? :-)14:12
frinnstno worries, I'll backtrack the changelog14:12
frinnstquite possible that I did some manual testing or something and then forgot about it14:20
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