IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-11-10

frinnstI dont really use xfs that much. what features does readline add?11:07
juethe xfs debugger, xfs_db, is interactive and much more usable with readline resp. a history11:09
jueeveryone has installed readline anyway so I thought that including readline should be a non-issue11:11
jue... and I've disabled icu explicit ;)11:13
jueicu is a kind of library that jumps in everywhere11:14
frinnstah goodie11:16
frinnstyeah icu is crazy11:16
Romstershould i be disabling everything that uses ICU?11:21
frinnstif it can do without its probably a good idea11:24
frinnstor add icu to core and be done with it11:24
pedjafrinnst, you might want to bump cmake to 3.12.411:29
frinnstsure will do11:33
frinnstmissed that11:33
Romstergood boi :P11:33
pedjaicu is PITA, massive rebuild on every major update. but, otoh, it's the *known* PITA :)11:38
pedjadisabling it explicitly might break some stuff that expects that the library they depend on was built with it. messy situation11:40
pedjaconsequence of it being widely used, I guess11:43
Romsternss has a update to 1.4011:53
frinnsthuh my ck4up must be broken or something12:18

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