IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-11-13

pedjahm. wth is going on here
pedjaaha. disabling the build of the freeglut static library solved that14:04
jaegerHow do we feel about PAM these days, as a group?16:59
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juewell, I don't need it for my work but if we found convincing reason to integrate it into CRUX ...18:04
juecurrently I have the feeling that we gain nothing from PAM ;)18:06
juejaeger: what's your opinion?18:16
jaegerI don't view it as a "must have" thing at all but it could be handy for convenience. Wouldn't need to patch things like consolekit to avoid PAM, or forego using things like lightdm that can't even build without it18:57
jaegerfrinnst may have an opinion on yubikeys18:57
jaegerOn the flip side of the coin, do we gain anything by NOT using it? Obviously we don't have to do the work to switch but what else?18:58
frinnstim torn regarding pam19:30
frinnstiirc the wayland reference stuff requires pam too19:31
frinnsti like the simplicity of *not* having pam. but also a lot of fun stuff could be done with it19:31
frinnstsuch as yubikeys19:32
pedjais PAM the only missing part for yubikeys use?19:35
frinnstwell you'll need a hasp module unless you want to rely on an internet connection19:35
frinnstbut you could just use the pam module i think19:36
pedjaand something like otp 2fa for ssh needs pam too?19:37
frinnstunless you want to use radius :)19:37
frinnstbut radius probably requires pam anyways19:37
pedjathat's whole another bag of worms19:37
pedjaCrux would make for a fine bastion host19:38
frinnstyeah it can easily get very complex. but for just passwords it should still be fairly simple19:38
frinnstlike I said, im torn. if I had to chose I would probably opt out of pam19:39
frinnstbut would be sweet it it was fairly simple to integrate19:39
jueat all PAM complicates the things, I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble19:46
jaegerI would advocate for a simple 'sane defaults' PAM config if we do go that way, then users with more specific needs can sort them out on their own19:46
juebut don't get me wrong, if you want PAM I'm not against it19:47
jaegerI currently regard it as 'nice to have' and I don't think it takes much work to implement19:47
jaegerNot required, though19:47
pedjaiirc, frinnst, you were torn about pulseaudio too, and look how well that turned out :)19:52
pedjaACTION hides19:52
jaegerI'll take some time in the next few days to update the pam ports from 5 years ago and see how much work it might require19:52
pedjaif you need guinea pigs, i am interested, fwiw19:54
jaegerok, thanks19:54
juejaeger: ok, great; let's see how it works and decide afterwards19:55
jaegerRegarding simplicity, something to keep in mind is that it would mostly be a one-time change for us and to users it would be nearly invisible19:55
jaegerwill do19:55
pedjaI am curious if will there be any issues with pam and consolekit2 that I use. consolekit2 is, in theory, drop-in replacement for unmaintained consolekit upstream19:56
jaegerIf it's drop-in, it should in theory be fine. After all, consolekit exists on a lot of PAM-enabled distros19:57
pedjathat's what I am thinking too19:58
pedjaxfce developers maintain consolekit2, and xfce works fine with it, afaict, so20:00
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