IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-11-16

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juefrinnst: btw, thanks for your firefox-bin port, works fine and I didn't notice any difference to the self-compile package16:29
frinnstthe upgrade manager is annoying. havent found a way to disable that16:57
frinnstdont think there is16:57
pedjaremove usr/lib/firefox/updater?17:01
pedjaidk if it breaks anything, thou17:01
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frinnstgood idea. didnt think to bruteforce it that way ;)17:08
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juejaeger: you can probably help with FS#1698 ;)20:40
jaegerCommented, will see what he says21:38
jaegeroh, nice, I can remove krb5 from the ISO22:06
jaegerIt's not large but anything helps :P22:07
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