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juewrt FS#1687 (freedrp): do we need the old 1.x version for something?14:28
frinnstI use my own port for rdp14:32
frinnstit looks ancient14:32
frinnstkill kill kill14:33
juehehe :)14:34
jue...  butt-ugly git port14:35
juebtw, there's a 2.0.0-rc4 with security fixes14:38
juefrinnst: I don't use rdp, so I'll leave it to you ;)14:39
frinnstI dont think 1.x can connect to much these days. it should lack microsofts rdp updates for win10 etc14:40
frinnst# Maintainer: CRUX System Team, core-ports at crux dot nu14:41
frinnstdidnt know that :-)14:41
frinnstlooks like one of romsters ports with ccache and distcc support14:42
jueyep, romster did the initial release14:43
juehow about that: we remove opt/freerdp and de-romster opt/freerdp2 a bit ;)14:45
pedjafrinnst, adwaita is at 3.30.1, btw14:51
jueRomster: wrt opt/freerdp2: you set the maintainer to 'CRUX System Team', is this intentionally?14:56
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ryuoDoes CRUX's init already mount cgroups?18:44
ryuoI found out that OpenWRT's one doesn't mount them properly so LXC is of limited use there. I prepared some code to do so that might be of use to CRUX.18:44
jaegerI believe cgroupfs-mount does that18:50
jaegerthough I'm no expert on cgroups18:57
ryuojaeger: the debian package?18:59
ryuoyes, it does part of the job.18:59
jaegerno, I meant the crux package in this case19:02
ryuook, just thinking of the debian package I first saw named that.19:02
ryuoyea that's where i got the idea from.19:15
ryuoi wrote it in C because I was submitting it as a proposed replacement for how openwrt handles it.19:16
pedjajaeger, would you add 'pkgmk keeps the working directory if the build fails' in your pkgutils rewrite, please :) ?19:17
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pedjainteresting read
jaegerI wasn't planning to modify pkgmk particularly but worth a thought at least21:14
pedjaidk, maybe an option in pkgmk.conf, off by default?21:15
pedjaor I could just make a habit of passing '-kw' :)21:18
jaegeryeah, I was thinking -kw already exists, heh21:21
pedjawell, exposing that as an option in pkgmk.conf would be nice, but is it worth the trouble :) ?21:24
jaegerwould be easy enough to add21:27
pedjajaeger, is it Thanksgiving yet wherever in the USA you live?21:44
pedjaHawaii, right?21:45
jaegerI live in the midwest :) yeah, it is. Leaving soon to go hang out with family21:48
pedjanice :)21:49
ryuojaeger: small world. it's rare to hear of anyone from my region.21:52
ryuomy city's likely to get fiber in the next 2 years.21:54
pedjamunicipal, or whatever that is called?21:55
ryuonah, it's a private company contracting with the city.21:55
ryuothey already did a nearby city.21:55
ryuoif i had to guess they're extending off of Google Fiber.21:56
jaegerryuo: :)21:56
jaegerclosest google fiber to me is about 4 hours away, sadly21:56
jaegermaybe in the future21:56
pedjaHuawei is doing that here, nationwide21:57
ryuoI live not too far from it.21:57
ryuojaeger: Kansas City?21:57
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ryuoyea, for now we're stuck with spectrum.21:58
ryuoIPv6 is a bit weird. Sometimes I get connection issues...21:59
ryuobut only on IPv4.22:00
ryuoit's like the IPv6 addresses we get become unroutable.22:00
ryuothough the router has no connection issues.22:00
ryuoi'm tempted to switch to private IPv6 and just NAT IPv6 for the sake of simplicity.22:01
jaegeryeah, KC is the closest option22:01
ryuosince i have a dynamic IPv6 allocation.22:01
ryuo(stupid as hell honestly)22:02
ryuoI mean, if my IPv6 network didn't change, I suspect I'd have less connectivity issues with it.22:02
ryuoi never did figure out why i sometimes become unable to reach the internet over some clients on IPv6.22:03
ryuothough connection from the router raises no issues.22:03
ryuoso it's not a service outage.22:03
ryuoif i reacquire a new lease, it disappears.22:03
ryuoACTION shrugs.22:03
pedjadynamic ipv6? wouldn't be easier to them to just hand /56 or /64 to customers?22:07
ryuopedja: you would think so, but the subnet I'm given tends to change.22:11
pedjaare they frugal with fscking ipv6 address space :)22:12
ryuono idea.22:12
ryuoi'll do some diagnostics when it next occurs.22:35
ryuoHm. Seems likely to be due to old subnets hanging around...22:59
ryuoIf so... then the problem is from my old subnets becoming unroutable.22:59

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