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Worksterde-romster LOL.... well the distcc/cache stuff can go, i did that man page bit so it can use the generated one if xmlto is installed. that way it's easy to copy the new manual page to the port and update the signature.00:32
Worksterand that binary rename can go when freerdp is removed.00:33
Worksteri used system team, as i thought the concensious was a group of us would maintain it. plus Alan owns freerdp so he might of wanted to tak on freerdp200:33
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pedjajue, any particular reason libkeyutils.pc is in lib/pkgconfig instead in usr/lib/pkgconfig?14:24
pedjabtw, if I am reading upstream recommendation right, our python setup is pretty much on point14:27
pedjaboth python2 and python3 available, with python symlinked to python214:27
juepedja: no, that's wrong, I'll fix15:11
juepedja: thanks15:11
pedjajue, ah, OK :) it was a bit of WTH moment seeing it there, tbh15:13
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jaegerteK_: libnet and libdnet could use a mandir update16:35
jaegerI'm updating the PAM ports today, so far working well. I will publish the updated ones soon for people to test16:52
ryuojaeger: joy. seems my issue is my ISP handing out unroutable network prefixes.17:10
ryuo /64, the default, seems to routinely have issues. Maybe I should force /56, the only other prefix they hand out.17:10
ryuojaeger: fyi, you could probably drop the unregistered ban in #crux. i haven't see any spam since #learnprogramming removed our block on unregistered.17:19
jaegerOK, will give it a try17:19
jaeger <-- please feel free to test. Things work well for me (tm) but it can't hurt to have more eyes on them17:52
jaegeralso note that su is currently configured to require the user to be in the 'wheel' group17:52
jaegerMainly for functionality testing, we can remove that requirement to match up with current crux setup17:53
jaegerThere are other ports with PAM functionality available, this is just the subset with which I started18:00
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juejaeger: thanks for your work, I'll be out of town for the next 2 weeks, starting at sunday, but will test afterwards19:13
frinnst*installing now*21:42
pedjamight want to add a note about wheel group to README, jaeger :)21:50
pedjaotherwise, looks straightforward enough21:52
frinnstwell I managed to logon again after a restart so that's good I guess :D21:59
pedjaif only I could spell 'wheel'....'wheal', really?22:00
pedjanice one22:01
frinnst19.6C indoors. lovely22:01
frinnstproper swedish indoor temperature22:01
pedjaour central heat is off. no one sane is up at this hour, so why waste the fuel :)22:01
pedjaI built 4.19.3, of course 4.19.4 is out...22:03
pedjafrinnst, any snow yet?22:06
ryuojaeger: ever tried optimizing shell script? i only found one technique that makes a real difference.23:23
ryuojaeger: reduction of references to external programs.23:24
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