IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-11-24

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jaegernot very often, no01:42
ryuojaeger: ah. well, if you find you need to and can't use anything else, just reducing the exposure to fork+exec overhead can be enough.02:54
jaegeryeah, makes sense03:01
ryuolike if you only need integer arithmetic, don't bother with an external program. even POSIX defines an integer arithmetic syntax for the shell to do it in process.03:09
ryuoecho $(( 2+2 ))03:09
jaegeryeah, I use that a lot03:10
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pedjajaeger, just FYI, so far so good with linux-pam :)13:03
pedjaI also enabled it in polkit/consolekit13:03
pedjaweird moment with d/l server, wget tried to d/l the source only over ipv6, and failed :)13:07
pedjafor a moment there was no ipv4 route to it13:07
frinnstasdf my isp seems to have fucked up routing or something13:07
pedjafd.o servers, at the best of times, seem like they are hosted on a modem line on a server powered by sick old hamster13:15
frinnsthosted on azure perhaps?13:16
pedjaaren't amazon and azure the big 2 these days?13:17
pedjafor The Cloud[tm] thingies?13:18
pedjaspeaking of MS, it's now safe to enable subpixel rendering in freetype :)13:19
pedjathey pledged the patents to Linux Foundation, or something13:20
pedjafedora recently started to enable it, iirc13:22
jaegerpedja: good to hear, thanks15:05
pedjaam I imagining things, or the login is quicker, too :) ?15:07
pedjalinux-pam built an extra module here, cracklib15:08
jaegerI haven't timed anything but I suspect it's about the same... the stack is pretty minimal15:08
pedjadoesn't matter, tbh. I haven't tried ssh yet, thou15:09
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frinnsthope to have someo time/energy to give this a go this weekend:
pedjapackage it?20:24
frinnstyeah but a lot of crap to do afterwards21:22
frinnstI should buy a new key to play with. dont think its a good idea to use a work-key for that :-)21:24
pedjawhich one do you have?21:39
jaegerI would try that if you get it ported, I have one somewhere22:46
jaegeroh, maybe it's not what I would need, it's geared towards online validation22:46
frinnsti think its a couple of old 2s23:50
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