IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-11-25

pedjanfc ones are kind of cool. they can be used with Android otp auth or?00:22
jaegerhrmm... still a lot of ports in contrib with usr/man manpages01:20
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frinnsthmm I do have an old yubikey that I can use14:27
frinnstdependency heeeeeeelllllll14:54
frinnstpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'click' distribution was not found and is required by yubikey-manager14:55
frinnstseems to be a useful tool that we are lacking15:05
frinnstdoesnt seem to be part of linux-pam ?15:06
frinnstscore, challenge-response accomplished15:13
frinnstpro tip: don't install 3rd party modules under /usr :-)15:13
frinnstI can now only logon if I have my yubikey attached15:14
frinnstno networking required15:14
frinnstthe ports are somewhat of a mess. i'll clean it up and publish15:30
pedjapam_auth-update seems to be Debian/Ubuntu specific?15:30
frinnstyeah seems like a module manager15:37
frinnstI assumed it was needed to reload something but that's not needed15:37
frinnststill very basic, no dependencies listed etc15:39
frinnstnifty but unsure how useful from a security standpoint it is15:44
frinnstonly protects local logins and without encryption its trivial to work around15:45
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