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jaegeranyone played with pkgconf here? Looking at
pedjahow many of the major distros switched to it?20:25
pedja'Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN' for the site. not a great start, tbh :)20:27
pedjaah, Fedora did, in 26. didn't know that.
jaegerarch as well, I think20:36
pedjayes. and debian/ubuntu/gentoo have it as an alternative, afaict20:38
pedjahm. opensuse, too, apparently. can't find pkg-config at their d/l site at all :)20:42
pedjaso, we are way behind, it seems20:46
jaegerI'll give it a try. I know onodera said in the ticket he's used it for quite some time20:47
pedjayou have a port for it, or you'll use the one from contrib?20:48
jaegerOh, I didn't even look for one existing, heh. Just threw one together as a quick test.20:50
pedjahm, arch and suse ship some kind of the compat wrapper for it
jaegerInteresting. I wonder where it's needed or caused problems20:57
pedjaseems to be common, since fedora has it too20:58
pedjabut I can't figure out from where '_target_platform' or 'CHOST' are coming from :)20:59
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jaegerCHOST is a gentoo thing, I believe21:05
pedjait's in Arch pkgbuild thingie :)21:05
pedjaah. apparently it's compiler host21:07
jaegeryeah... I just hadn't heard of it being used outside gentoo21:07
pedjame neither21:08
pedjaso, it's something like PKGMK_ARCH?21:09
jaegerNot quite, it's the triplet, like x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu21:10
jaegerthe triplet that's often 4 things :D21:10
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frinnstcrux is a very odd beast when you think about it. bleeding edge in versions but very conservative on some parts :-)22:03
frinnstguess that's why we love it?22:03
jaegerindeed, among other things :)22:05
frinnst~170mb/s over nfs. with 10gbit done I now need all flash to make the network the bottleneck again22:07
frinnstlife's tough!22:08
frinnstmikrotik vlans are odd. atleast if you're used to cisco22:08
frinnsttag or untag. that's it22:08
frinnstget a mikrotik with a serial port if you can and intend to use vlans :-)22:09
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