IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-12-01

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pedjajaeger, you build updated iso every couple of weeks, right? may I ask for a favor :) ?12:53
ryuojaeger: pedja is asking for a favor. Cancel or Allow?14:09
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jaegerIt builds automagically every week, if nothing is broken15:06
ryuointeresting. jaeger, any interest in making an autobuilt image for LXD? I've been planning to lay the groundwork.15:26
jaegerMaybe you could easily convert it from ?16:10
jaegerI haven't used lxd and haven't used lxc in a long time, so not sure what's needed16:19
pedjajaeger, I was wondering if you would spin up a test iso build, with llvm/clang built with rtti enabled, see if anything breaks17:14
pedjaafaict, it is pretty common option across distros, and some applications require it, for some reason17:15
pedjaidk if it has some performance impact, thou17:16
pedjaor breaks mesa :)17:17
pedjaI think not, since it was enabled in arch ages ago. not that that's a valid point17:18
pedjatbh, I would do it, but clang compile pretty much explodes on my machine every time, so I use Romster's built one17:21
jaegerI could probably do that at some point... what needs to be changed in those ports? just a --enable?17:27
pedjapretty much, yes17:35
pedjawhen you get around to it, it's nbd :)17:35
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