IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-12-04

jaegerpedja: adding -DLLVM_ENABLE_RTTI=1 to llvm and clang doesn't seem to produce any indicative log output that they're enabled, but both build00:05
pedjajaeger, iirc 'llvm-config --has-rtti' should output if it was built with it00:09
jaegerIt reports 'YES'00:11
pedjayay :)00:11
jaegerI'll try a full bootstrap with them, see how it goes00:11
pedjawould you mind uploading them somewhere, llvm and clang, so I could test them with some libs/apps?00:12
pedjathere shouldn't be any issues, in theory, most distros ship with rtti enabled, afaik00:14
pedjafamous last words[tm]00:14
pedjabut I am curious if there is any performance impact, as suggested by some upstream docs00:15
pedjaand, in case I forgot: thanks jaeger :)00:16
jaegersure, will upload them. Had to run some errands01:13
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jaegerthey're uploading to now01:15
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jaegerUnrelated, so far I've had no problems with the PAM ports02:28
frinnstsame here06:47
frinnstif you dont want to touch pam, you don't need to06:47
frinnstbut it gives you the flexibility to expand on it if you so choose06:47
jaegerpersonally I like the idea of adding it, it opens up some options but doesn't take much work06:52
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pedjathanks for llvm/clang, jaeger10:21
pedja+1 for adding PAM, it's been painless so far :)10:22
pedjaI forgot it's even there10:22
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jaegergood :)15:05
jaegerpedja: the ISO bootstrap completes with rtti enabled16:10
pedjaso nothing is broken?16:11
jaegernothing obvious, though I've not tested anything else16:11
pedjahaven't had the time to play with it yet. I am curious if it breaks boost, for instance. it shouldn't, but :)16:14
pedjarun-time type information16:18
pedjait's off by default, but some applications require boost be built with rtti-enabled llvm/clang16:21
pedjaand most distros enable it, afaict16:22
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pedjaso, I installed rtti-enabled llvm/clang kindly provided by jaeger. let's see what breaks :)16:29
frinnstah I see17:27
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Worksteri asked teK_ ages ago about rtti in lvm/clang23:28
Worksterthink he said he would look into it23:28
pedjaso far, so good :)23:32
pedjaone issue I had, with glew and mesa, seems to be unrelated23:35
pedjafor now, nothing seems to be broken. no complaining from boost or applications using boost23:37
pedjatoo late to go back, anyhow, I built way too many sh*t already :)23:39

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