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Romstercruxbot is broken i done commit bombs to compat-32 and opt and nothing11:42
frinnstyeah noticed that a few days ago12:43
frinnstbtw read the fucked up news from au - how the fuck is that intended to work?12:43
pedjawhat did they do now?12:44
frinnstthe encrypton thing12:44
pedjaah, that again12:44
pedja'friendly' backddor thingy?12:45
frinnstyeah because that will end well12:45
pedjayeah :)12:45
frinnstThe encryption bill has passed the Senate with a final vote of 44-1212:46
pedjasadly, some people working as IT professionals think that's 'a good idea'12:46
pedjaI find their credentials...iffy12:47
pedja'government should be able to protect us without hindrance'. nope12:48
pedjawith our country's history, I find their trust in the government...just plain nuts12:50
pedjait's interesting. people proposing that kind of thing think that it won't apply to them, because 'they have nothing to hide'12:52
pedjaand that's not the fucking point12:53
pedjasorry. carry on with the technical discussion :)12:54
pedjanot surprised that the bill passed with such majority. they don't know/don't care12:57
pedjaif joint letter from some of the best cryptographers in the world isn't enough to persuade them that it's 'a very bad idea[tm]', then12:58
pedjaincompetence or malice? pick one, based on how cynical you are :)12:59
pedjaspeaking of crypto13:04
pedjafrinnst, you might want to bump contrib/password-store to 1.7.313:04
Romsterso why am i using mesa when after building a new kernel and rebooting and force rebuild nvidia and depmod -a then startx, nvidia wasn't loaded before i ran depmod -a and startx13:08
Romsteri thought this new library was meant to make it transparent13:09
frinnstodd my ck4up hasnt caught it13:14
Romsterrebooting fixed it to use nvidia... kernel must do some modesetting or something13:17
pedjaRomster, nvidia modules are special snowflakes, hence nvidia-modprobe thingy13:21
pedjalibglvnd has nothing to do with that, afaik13:22
Romsteroh crud i just use sbin/modprobe but startx should handle that for me13:22
Romsteri always fight with nvidia13:23
pedjaI modprobe nvidia modules before startx. works for me[tm]13:23
pedjanvidia-uvm, most of the time13:23
Romsteri just rebuilt then depmod -a ; startx and it defaults to mesa13:23
Romsterafter startx i did lsmod i seen nvidia loaded13:24
pedjais nvidia-uvm loaded?13:24
Romsterbut it fell back to mesa software rendering, maybe not, i rebooted it fixed it.13:25
Romsternope it's not laded now even13:26
Romsterbut minecraft works and it's not spiking my cpu now13:26
pedjathat might be for cuda/vulkan/opencl, thou (nvidia-uvm)13:27
Romsteroh hmm13:27
Romsterthat might explain another issue13:37
Romsteri'll have a play around later on nvidia, i bumped libwebp pedja13:39
pedjaRomster, thanks for that :)13:39
Romsterno worries i've beena  bit behind13:52
pedjaremind me, do I need to recreate locales after glibc update?14:27
jaegerI never load nvidia modules manually14:37
jaegerpedja: after major updates, I think. You'll know pretty quickly, ports and some other things would complain14:44
pedjaI made a trivial sh script for that, always forget the proper invocation15:03
pedjawrt to nvidia modules, I manually load them on first boot of the new kernel, after that they generally work15:06
jaegerI don't even do that, for what that's worth15:06
jaegerHasn't been necessary15:07
pedjaI removed nvidia-modprobe from my nvidia port, maybe that's why15:07
jaegercould be15:07
pedjawhy do I have the feeling that nvidia, to fix the issues some people with sm30/sm35 gpu's have with cuda10, will drop 3x arches all together in the next update :)15:11
pedjakepler arch is ancient at this point, anyway15:16
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pedjawell, jaeger, you were right (as you usually are), no need to re-create locales on glibc update.16:46
pedjagood job, btw, nothing is broken. not yet, anyway :)16:47
jaegernot broken is good :D16:53
pedjanot broken or broken is good. partially broken is PITA :)16:59
pedjaheh. freedesktop thinks my connection is ipv6 only, for some reason17:02
pedjadns server for them is offering just quad A on first query17:04
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