IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-12-10

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ryuojaeger: hey. i'm experimenting with a newer approach to generic collections in C... it's at least a little safer than void*.19:02
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nullsixdid firefox was just pulled out from oficial 'opt' repo?19:27
jaegerheyo, yeah, saw in #crux19:29
jaegerryuo: what's your approach?19:29
ryuojaeger: seeing what I can do with _Generic.19:30
ryuoso far i've confirmed I can use it to map the element type to an enum representing it.19:31
ryuonext i'm experimenting to see what else I can do with it.19:31
ryuoi've seen _Generic able to also map to pointers or other memory location expressions.19:31
ryuoat the very least it could allow me to do runtime type checking.19:32
ryuowith some parts being done by compile time macros.19:33
ryuoi think it's a sound approach, though obviously not as good as a complete compile time system.19:33
ryuostill should be faster than a heavy weight type checking system.19:34
nullsixjust got last pkgfile from official git19:41
nullsixwill start to compile now xD (will probably take the hole day)19:42
nullsixdidnt try the 'bin' version yet, but very liked the 'src' customs, ideal for my set19:44
nullsixfock it needs to update rust first !!! aaaaah, not again19:50
nullsixguess i fully understand now...19:51
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nullsixno sound on ff-bin (pulse only, right?)20:27
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