IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-12-13

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juejaeger: finally installed your pam ports today, no issues at all ;)15:34
jaegergreat! :) I've been using them on my laptop and a desktop since we last talked about it, also no issues15:37
pedjaas I said few days ago, I forgot it's even there :)15:42
pedjaI noticed that, under heavy system load, it su's to root much quicker, so I can kill an offending app15:43
pedjamight be me imagining things, thou :)15:44
jaegerNo idea on that, I haven't benchmarked... but the comment about forgetting it's there is good :)15:55
frinnstI use pam on my work and home box. no issues. used with yubikey challenge-response16:20
frinnstdont fully understand how the rules work yet but that's because im both lazy and dumb16:21
frinnstthe ultimate combo16:21
jaegera good start, at least16:33
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