IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-12-15

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jaegerok, I'm removing firefox and its friends from the ISO, woo00:49
frinnstdont forget nss / nspr01:20
jaegerfrinnst: can I suggest a patch for firefox-bin?
jaegermainly just the path in the revdep file, otherwise it's just indent mixing01:32
jaegerooh, nss/nspr no longer needed? nice01:32
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ryuoIs it time to promote an easier to maintain browser in place of firefox?03:08
jaegerIs there one that's a good candidate? Good browser but also easy to maintain? I'm fine with firefox-bin, personally03:21
ryuoMidori perhaps, if the new version has fixed the stability issues.03:22
ryuoAll others I know of are too tied to a specific DE.03:23
ryuoI liked qupzilla before they became a KDE exclusive app.03:23
ryuoI'm frankly becoming fed up with Firefox. I may repackage Midori for my ubuntu PPA.03:34
ryuoI'll still keep Firefox, but i'm considering dropping it for my regular browser.03:36
frinnstteK_: can you bump linux-firmware?11:37
frinnstI've created a tarball and uploaded - just bump the version to 2018121511:50
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juefrinnst: guess you overlooked this ->
jaegerlibtiff seems to link with zstd if available, can anyone else confirm that?16:45
jaegerfirefox-bin also seems to have some linkage to gtk2 for what that's worth16:46
jaegerzstd linkage applies to gdk-pixbuff as well in the tiff loader16:51
ryuojaeger: it could be spill over. we had to deal with that in ubuntu a lot. some libs got linked to everything even if they didn't use it directly.18:03
ryuono frugalware...18:04
ryuoACTION facepalms.18:04
ryuoit wasn't very fun to deal with. it made rebuilding packages for major ABI breakage a real chore.18:04
juejaeger: we can remove clang from packages.opt too18:22
jaegernice, will do18:22
jaegerryuo: yeah, I can imagine18:22
jue... and add dbus-glib ;)18:27
jaegeryeah, might as well for when that dep gets fixed18:27
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frinnstbotched commit removed that dep a while ago:21:19
frinnst-# Depends on: gtk3 dbus-glib21:19
frinnst+# Depends on: gtk321:19
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jaegerok, clang is removed from the ISO as well22:40
jaegernext iso build should be a bit smaller :)22:40
jaeger878M for the one built on 2018-12-0922:40

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