IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-12-21

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frinnstlalala rust ........... diff: AND I DONT CARE \o/21:52
pedjai've seen some theories that more than systemd is affected, since containers can use high uids too23:13
pedjapatched my polkit just because :)23:14
pedjaI had to resurect autogen-2.13 port, spidermonkey apparently requires it. ffs, mozilla23:15
prologicFerris is the unofficial mascot of the Rust Community. Many Rust programmers call themselves “Rustaceans,” a play on the word “crustacean.” We refer to Ferris with the pronouns “they,” “them,” etc., rather than with gendered pronouns.23:21
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frinnststill at fb?23:28
frinnsthow's the atmosphere there now? :-)23:28

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