IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-12-23

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frinnstteK_: rolled a new linux-firmware tarball and pushed, sry but i really needed it to be updated12:02
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frinnstbackporting some stuff to 3.3 for crux.nu16:01
frinnstwe really need kvm access......16:01
frinnstooh tek has prepared a new kernel \o/16:21
frinnstgo on, reboot. i dare you!16:23
teK_ok °_°. This time for the kernel20:15
teK_I did not part ways with my fellow cruxians :-)20:15
teK_Romster: python-pip needs python-setuptools to work20:43
teK_footprint mismatch for python-appdirs:
teK_hm, setuptools and pip seem to have circular dependencies. I will defer for you to judge if this OK/needed20:48
teK_forget about the comment on setuptools. appdirs still needs a fix :-)20:55
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