IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-12-28

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j_vRomster: that signature was right before... it is a new revision05:38
Romsteryeah i figured they did a silent update on that file05:39
j_vI will have to do a mirroring of it so I can rename it to a versioned file to avoid this05:40
Romsteri took the liberty to check it then deduce that is the same commit as before. so figured they either did a rebase/silent change or you forgot the signature on that file.05:40
Romsteri was thinking that but keeping a reference to the locations where you mirror from would be nice.05:40
j_vwell, ideas are welcome. do you want me to version the certdata file before I fix the signature?05:41
j_vthis was why i wanted to work on file name renaming syntax in the download scheme, but i understood that it was too complicated and also would have likely broke other tools05:43
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frinnstmight be easier to just host it with the port, no? how big is it?06:33
Romsteractually not a bad idea frinnst07:04
Romsterbut i doubt it will change that often07:04
frinnstno it changes a lot. every once in a while I have a good idea but more often than not it's usually a bad idea07:12
frinnstthank you thank you! I'll be here all year!07:12
frinnstmeanwhile here are two cats and a box:
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jueRomster: you can see here how often certdata change ->;a=history;f=ca-certificates10:48
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