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j_vthe update to json-glib fixed build, but now there is a footprint mismatch due to gobject-introspection files being present in the footprint, though gobject-introspection is not a dependency of json-glib.00:00
jaegergobject-introspection is one of those things that gets into a lot of other builds00:04
j_vyep. i will let it be if you prefer, and just fork the port on my end. no big deal.00:06
j_vactually, I already had it forked for the missing deps, which was fixed in today's update.00:08
j_vi am likely to run short on time again, very soon, so i am just trying to catch up on things while i have a chance00:09
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jaegerAnyone still use the x86 crux overlay ports?05:33
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Romster qdoc requires clang09:07
Romsterconfig_clang: qtConfig(thread): SUBDIRS += qdoc09:07
Romsterthat is in qttools/src/src.pro09:07
Romsterso as long as you don't have any remains of clang on your system it should build fine.09:08
Romsteralso sorry my internet is messed up right now i am waiting on the ISP to fix it09:08
Romsteri don't want qdoc then i don't need clang as a dependency09:15
ryuoRomster: did you consider using another server to host your IRC? I do that.09:16
ryuoit resolved my IRC connectivity issues more or less.09:16
Romsterit's fine until the FTTN node is fucked09:16
Romsteri did what the isp told me to do, reset my router to factory and give them the MAC address. doubt that'll do anything because i tried with another modem and same shit happen's this is the second time that the FTTN has fucked me over.09:18
Romsteran d right over my xmas break and new years where no one can fix it -_-09:18
Romstermeh i could stick znc on the server if i could be arsed to and move it over. but i got znc going here already too.09:19
jueRomster: have you tested to build qt without clang?09:19
juej_v: thanks for the hint, I'll update the deps09:20
Romsteri have and i did not have much success, i figured it was my build enviorment so i pushed it out without clang as that's a massive dependency just for docs.09:20
Romsterand as it looks in the code it checks if clang is present else it skips qdoc.09:21
Romsterthere is no configure time override just some logic in a file to check for clang that i even tried to comment out.09:21
Romster[ -e '/usr/bin/clang' ] || sed -e 's|^config_clang: qtConfig(thread): SUBDIRS += qdoc$|#&|' -i qttools/src/src.pro09:22
Romsteri don't see arch adding clang to the qt5-base that is at 5.12.0 as well.09:23
Romsterso i figured it was a bug on my build env.09:23
frinnstI tried to build it in a new vm (i think) and i hit the same clang issue.09:23
frinnstwonder if our clang port leaks files outside the pkg or something09:23
Romsteri don't know what has changed i'll have to look over a diff between versions nothing in the change log.09:24
frinnstits such a painful port to debug build errors on too09:24
Romstercan check with pkg-not and fakeroot09:24
frinnstyeah i'll do some testing too when time permits unless you beat me to it09:24
Romsteri spent a few hours looking into qt509:24
Romsterand seen no other distros add clang so i figure i would push the audience for more testing09:25
Romsterto the audience*09:25
frinnstyeah i didnt see any clang stuff in blfs for qt5 either09:26
Romsterthere build system does not have everything in the top level configure which is ugh09:26
Romsteradding clang to qt5 is nuts, it's only used to spit out code stuff for the qdoc09:27
Romsteri just haven't had time to do a diff or find a solution yet or both. between internet and moving shop before the break and i needed the break and then doing more moving the past 2 days i just feel ugh09:28
ryuo#define Romster ugh09:28
Romsterand nothing is setup right yet to even do repair work and then we are open next monday to the public09:29
Romster#ifdef holiday09:29
Romsterfpring 'ugh'09:29
Romstersomething like that... i can't C macros09:30
ryuothey're not super complicated, but yea. they're a pain to read as they grow in complexity.09:30
Romsterwell i can but i need to look up C stuff.09:31
Romsteranyways yeah i'll dig more into qt5 i guess the fix atm is to install clang -_-09:31
ryuoyou don't remember the various directives?09:31
Romsteri can't remember yesterday09:31
ryuoinclude, if, elif, else if, ifdef, if defined, etc.09:31
Romsteryeah those i know09:32
ryuopragma is a fun one.09:32
ryuothere's only one standardized use of it for manipulating floating point.09:32
Romsteri've looked though boost code never again09:32
ryuothe rest is all compiler extensions.09:32
Romsterbut that's C++09:32
ryuoI heard there's a new C standard in the works now.09:33
Romsterare they still pushing objc C?09:33
ryuoAh. It was published 6 months ago.09:33
Romsteror does only apple use that09:33
ryuoRomster: pretty much only Apple has ever used it, though there is one Linux project that uses it. GNUstep.09:34
Romsterah so not important at all to us09:34
ryuoyou could use the language to build a custom runtime, but it has little value otherwise.09:34
ryuothere's no standardized library for objective-c, period.09:35
ryuothere's various frameworks you can use with it.09:35
ryuoOh. C18 introduces nothing new, only revising old stuff.09:37
ryuoGo figure.09:37
ryuoRomster: i've recently started working through a TCL book. it seemed a good place to start.09:44
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frinnstadding extra breakage as usual for us maintainers10:13
frinnstalways fun tracking down patches for abandoned software10:13
pedjaACTION locked qt5 to 5.11 a while ago12:18
pedjaimho, you should've waited for first .1 before pushing the update, as with any qt5 release :)12:19
pedja5.12 has too many p1 bugs for my taste12:21
pedjaone of them being the ability to disable qdoc build without hacks12:22
pedjaupstream is updating the configure system, afaik, but that it's not done yet completely for all modules12:26
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