IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-01-08

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frinnstBash-5.0 release available10:47
frinnstThere are a few incompatible changes between bash-4.4 and bash-5.0. The10:48
frinnstchanges to how nameref variables are resolved means that some uses of10:48
frinnstnamerefs will behave differently, though I have tried to minimize the10:48
frinnstcompatibility issues.10:48
frinnstfun times10:48
frinnstdoubt it will impact crux much but old userscripts that has worked for years may break10:51
jueyeah, indeed11:07
juebecause of readline 8.0 I've added both to TODO3511:07
pedjagcc9 should be out in a couple of months :)11:09
pedjaI was looking thru a proprietary sdk for linux recently. libs are built using gcc4, which is funny, because the version if it is 2019.111:13
frinnstdo you have pkgfiles for them? feel free to push to 3.5 and I'll give it a spin too12:46
juefrinnst: not yet, but I can do it later today13:02
juefrinnst: done, added symlinks for readline 7, the update should be safe15:51
frinnstjust got home :>16:20
frinnstpushed openssl 1.1.1 also, dont think i had that committed before16:22
jueone thing I've noticed while merging core: we should use 4.19.x for our kernel headers16:28
jue... just in case you have the time to look into that :)16:29
frinnstdont we usually use a lts branch for the headers?16:54
jueyes, 4.19 is lts17:04
frinnstreally? says stable for me on kernel.org17:04
frinnstor was it just announced?17:04
jueI have the info from here - >
frinnstah cheers18:15
frinnstguess they never label the previous release as long term18:15
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