IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-01-09

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frinnstis contrib/skype broken? qt4-32 doesnt seem to exist in our repos10:26
frinnstnor qt5-32 from what I can tell10:27
frinnstseems like it10:29
frinnstLong story short, as I suspected, the current Skype releases wants to talk with systemd-logind or whatever emulation of it, e.g. elogind.10:44
frinnstfun times10:45
frinnst might be useful for that but cant be arsed now10:46
pedjafrinnst, which version of skype? the new ones are using node thingie, iirc11:13
frinnstyeah the latest14:54
pedjainteresting. last time I tried skype-preview, just unpacked the rpm and it started fine. didn't test past that, thou :)16:44
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