IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-01-13

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j_vfrinnst: I don't seem to have an login to edit At least, it's not in my password vault, though i may have forgotten to add it there.18:27
frinnstah i think the user thingy might still be broken19:41
frinnsti did the edit for you. poke tek regarding that when you see him19:42
frinnstbtw xsel is broken for me with my experimental toolchain. warnings treated as errors etc19:42
frinnstnothing too major to be worried about, just fyi19:43
j_vthanks, frinnst. i have some errands to run, but will get on the xsel breakage when i get back.19:50
j_vlooks like i will need to set up a 3.5 container. but the fix should be as simple as patching calls to strncpy to use '+ 1' to the string length argument20:13
j_vis there an experimental 3.5 iso yet?20:15
jaegerNot that I've built... I just rebuilt packages/toolchain on a 3.4 installation20:20
j_vok. thanks for the heads up. i needed some impetus to get one started, i guess.20:24
frinnstor just kill -Werror21:05
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j_vfrinnst: true, and i forgot that just adding one to the length arg would also require increasing the dest arg size by 1 * sizeof22:25
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