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j_vrun into issue building db with 3.5 toolchain. patch: . originally for clang, but works for gcc8 also.00:00
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frinnstpushed, cheers00:28
nomiusj_v: are you working on a 3.5 iso?01:49
j_vnot as such. right now i'm just working on getting a kvm instance i've got running 3.5 updated some.03:07
jaegerI'll probably try to get started with building one in the near future03:25
jaegerbut haven't yet03:25
j_vissue building findutils with 3.5 toolchain. there are two issues with the gnulib and glibc-2.28, fixed in gnulib upstream, but not in findutils yet. the upstream git patches don't apply cleanly to the older gnulib in findutils, so created a merged and fixed up patch: . also need to call autoreconf -fi after applying because it part of it04:27
j_vapplies to an m4 file and without autoreconf make will choke with error about aclocal-1.1404:27
j_vor could use patches from archlinux sources. would still need to call autoreconf.04:30
j_vsimilar issue with m4, patch: . this one does not need autoreconf since only c source files and a header were affected.05:06
Romsterj_v, or you could apply the patch run autoreconf -fi then diff the result back to the patch file?07:25
j_vRomster, should work. i'll play some with that when i wake up. need some zzz's07:30
Romsteri just finished work07:30
Romsternn j_v07:31
j_vRomster: i created a new patch for findutils. original is 5.7kb, new one is 464Kb. personally, my preference is to the 1/9 size patch and running autoreconf. but that is just my 2 cents.15:39
j_voops, should have been more like 1/9015:42
frinnsthmm wtf did you need to put in asoundrc to allow alsa application through pulseaudio?16:08
frinnstyeah apps without pulseaudio support doesnt play audio on this box16:12
jaegerpcm.default pulse16:13
jaegerctl.default pulse16:13
jaegerand make sure alsa-plugins is installed after pulse16:13
frinnstthats what I have and alsa-plugins is installed. unless its broken16:27
frinnst[AO_ALSA] alsa-lib: pcm.c:2565:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM pulse16:28
frinnst[AO_ALSA] Playback open error: No such file or directory16:28
frinnstfuck it, going home16:28
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frinnstpam for 3.5?21:09
jaegerI would like to do that if nobody objects, yes21:09
jaegerwe should also update at some point.... still 3.3 :P21:10
jaeger(I know we've talked about it before)21:10
frinnstyeah i've backported php to 3.3 but that's about it. the lack of kvm annoys me21:11
frinnstyou never heard anything back from charlie?21:11
jaegerHe said that he was busy with lots of jobs and that he was dealing with a wrist injury, but it was on his list21:13
pedjaso, pam, openssl-1.1, gcc8 for 3.5?21:15
frinnstthat's the current plan21:15
pedjaI see a lots of recompiling in my future :)21:15
frinnstif we can agree on pam21:15
pedjanot a developer, but +1 from me. no issues with it so far21:16
jaegerI mainly want it for easier integration with LDAP auth or similar21:17
j_vpam would be nice addition. would the implemetation? openpam? linux-pam?21:18
frinnsti want it to check the boxes at work. I need more than a password for local auth or my boss won't be happy21:18
j_vs/would the/which/21:19
pedjalinux-pam, iirc21:19
frinnstits pretty pointless without local encryption but now i can say "2 factor auth!" :)21:19
jaegerIt's linux-pam, yeah21:20
pedjalocal encryption would require initrd, correct?21:20
frinnstyeah it's on my todo list21:21
frinnsti would only need it for ~ so no initrd. but I need a script to decrypt it on boot/login21:21
j_vok, i was aware of the two implementations, but had no opinion either way. would be nice to start reading up on the one destined to be encorporated to better understand how it will change stuff21:23
pedjadracut would be nice to play with (on my TODO list :) )21:24
j_vdracut is very chummy with systemd21:24
jaegerI used dracut for my ZFS root tests, wasn't too hard21:24
pedjabetter-initramfs seemed to be abandoned last time I checked. last commit was ~2 years ago or so21:29
jaegeryeah, better-initramfs is one I looked at as well, seemed dead21:30
j_vhmmm... not sure where i got that idea about dracut and systemd, but looking over the source, i think i may have been mistaken21:30
jaegerno idea here21:32
j_vweird, there is a 0.49 release tagged on the dracut git page, but 0.48 is most recent at
pedjayou are not far off wrt dracut and systemd. altough I removed all systemd crap from the dracut port, it still made some systemd dirs in the initrd21:41
pedjaharmless, but annoying :)21:41
pedjadracut rebuilding initrd after kernel update on opensuse is, by far, the slowest part of the process21:46
pedjaI guess because they go with the kitchen sink approach21:47
pedjaor my VM is sloooow21:47
j_vthe xorg-xf86-video-geode port needs a couple patches to build. found it trying to build all of xorg on 3.5 vm. but it fails on 3.4 as well.21:51
j_vthe patches from arch for it work21:52
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frinnstis that driver even useful these days?21:54
j_vnot sure... it isn't for me, that is all i know for certain21:55
frinnstgeode.. sounds like amd geode - all 32bit afaik21:56
j_vinteresting, seems kinda harsh toward anyone trying to run on older hardware, but then i doubt fedora would run well on older hardware anyways (could be my bias speeking on this, not sure)22:06
frinnstyeah and the vesa driver is probably just as good22:13
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