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jaegerI've started working a little on a 3.5 ISO build system05:38
jaegerSo will probably merge up the core/opt/xorg 3.4/3.5 branches soon and put in some patches05:38
jaegerfor example, got a local patched findutils05:42
ryuojaeger: does it ever get old patching crap because GCC shuffled their headers around?05:42
jaegerIt can be a little annoying but usually not too difficult05:44
jaegerugh, thought we disabled 3.5 cruxbot notifications05:49
jaegeroh, I see, frinnst set it back to 3.305:53
ryuoi thought 3.3 wasn't even worked on anymore.05:53
jaegerIt probably isn't at this point05:53
jaegerthat was done on may 2605:54
jaegerI'll fix it up to mute 3.5 again05:54
jaegerin the future we can have it mute multiple branches if we get into a situation where that's needed05:56
jaegerok, everything in core builds on my test VM now06:05
jaegerI'll put some time into opt and xorg this week/weekend06:06
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ryuoYou ever get the feeling that boost is just missing the kitchen sink?08:13
ryuoIt seems to add more libraries with every major.08:13
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juejaeger: no objections to include pam, it's fine for me if you take care about it ;)08:59
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jaegerok, cool14:37
jueis wvdial something we still need?14:41
jaegerI don't think I've ever used it14:42
jaegerout of curiosity, why put glibc 2.28 fixes into the 3.4 branches?14:43
juewell, I thought it doesn't hurt?14:43
jaegerIt doesn't, just wondered14:44
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juejaeger: no problem to revert the updates, if you prefer that15:02
jaegerNot at all, doesn't bother me any15:06
jaegerI just figured it's unlikely we'd ever see glibc 2.28 in 3.4 :)15:06
jaegernot complaining, just commenting15:07
jaegersemi-related, I'll merge opt up today and start testing builds15:08
frinnstwe need a menu for bootloaders, right?15:09
jaegerDo we? We've always left it to the user to pick in the past, aside from lilo always being installed15:10
frinnstwell if you just select core you won't have a bootloader15:10
frinnstor maybe im missing something15:10
jaegerI wonder how often folks install only core15:10
frinnsti usually do that. then just depinst what I want :-)15:11
jaegerI often install only core, fakeroot, and a bootloader :)15:11
jaegerBut I know to choose the bootloader, heh15:11
jaegerI don't have any objections to adding that, though15:11
frinnsti think its for the best. or people will start bitching :)15:12
juehmm, I'm not really convinced15:21
juejaeger: btw, did some testing of 3.5 today and run into errors with your syslinux and parted15:30
jaegerI've not tested those on 3.5 yet but they're both in opt so will see them soon15:37
jaegerincoming merge spam mails15:46
frinnstholy spam, batman!15:48
frinnstwe dont have rsync repos for 3.5 yet, right?15:49
jaegerI've not configured any, only working in git so far15:50
frinnstheading home now. unless i fall asleep i'll take a look16:00
jaegerjue: syslinux and parted are patched now16:16
jueguess only wvdial ist left now16:19
juebut I'd vote to just remove it16:20
frinnstI assume it was there since early crux days because then people were on dialup. and never removed :)16:21
frinnstmight it still be needed for dsl ppp or something like that?16:22
juesorry, no idea16:23
frinnstcore/opt/xorg are now rsyncable16:26
jaegerman, 10 years since wvdial changed?16:36
jaegerI'd say let someone who actually uses it maintain it at this point16:37
jaegermerge spam for xorg incoming soon16:40
jaegermuch smaller than opt16:40
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frinnstjaeger: will you merge the pam stuff?19:53
jaegeryeah, I plan to soon.19:53
jaegerTonight if I have time after work19:53
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jaegerok, all the ISO packages build in 3.5 now. will work on merging PAM next and try a bootstrap21:24
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