IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-01-20

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ryuoStickie to whoever controls dns flag day says has serious issues with whatever nameservers it is using.04:50
jaegerI think charlie is in charge of it04:53
jaegeryeah, I've looked at it... no idea if he has, though04:54
ryuowell, i didn't know where else to take this.04:54
jaegeryeah, all good. We should probably email him to ask since he's rarely ever here04:55
ryuochances are the host would eventually fix it, but do you really want to wait for that?04:55
ryuoin the mean time it could mean usability issues for the distro.04:55
jaegerProbably will be annoying at the least, maybe result in some outages04:56
ryuoindeed, but it's being forced on us so not much choice.04:56
ryuoi thought it was funny how my DNS provider is already prepared.04:56
ryuoI guess paying for a more "premium" service has advantages.04:56
ryuoeasyDNS is more expensive in general but they seem to stay on top of their DNS.04:57
ryuoi guess it makes more sense for businesses. i could afford an outage in my DNS temporarily.04:57
ryuoincidently it seems the bundled email services are a better deal than cheaper DNS hosts.04:58
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frinnststuff will not just start to break on feb 1st14:37
frinnstand kalmarndc will fix it. they have bigger customers than us :)14:38
frinnst2 out of 4 of our nameservers at work needs to be upgraded too14:38
frinnstfinally gives me an excuse to do it14:38
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ryuotranslation: "the sky is not falling."22:12
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