IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-01-28

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jaegerfrinnst: do you have any objections to adding a .desktop file to firefox-bin?21:23
jaegersomething like this:
jaegerfirst part is the diff, second is the desktop file21:32
frinnstI'll push it with firefox 6522:43
jaegerWorks for me, thanks :)22:43
frinnstlast beta was 10 days ago. should be out soon'ish22:52
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frinnstoh it was just released23:03
frinnstWe’re still preparing the notes for this release, and will post them here when they are ready. Please check back later.23:04
jaegerHate that23:06
frinnstanyone using bison for anything (other than as a dep?)23:11
frinnstwonder if its safe to push 3.3.123:11
jaegerNot I, not directly at least23:11
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