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Romsteri'm still using lilo because it just works and lazy to move to something else. last time i tried grub2 i gave up on it. it's config generation was massive.01:25
jaegeryeah, I suspect many folks still use lilo01:58
jaegergrub's automagic config gen is pretty big but if you learn to do it yourself you can keep it small and clean03:48
Romsteri did try doing it myself but i think i was reading incorrect guides/configs05:42
Romsteris grub2 the best one for uefi/bios booting both methods, i tend to boot many different machines in linux to do either data recovery or testing hardware05:43
jaegerI prefer it but the best is whichever one with which you are most comfortable05:44
Romsterwell lilo can't do uefi. isolinux is on the crux iso?05:45
Romsteri get mixed results with uefi some boards boot some don't some i gotta go in and turn off secure boot and some don't even want to boot from usb, and some i have to enable CSM mode to even get it to boot crux usb/cd05:46
jaegerevery manufacturer implements it a bit differently05:47
Romsteris there a oen and all almighty god boot loader that can do all. and one that can use UUID's05:47
jaegerlilo, syslinux, grub2 are all on the ISO currently, I believe05:47
jaegerelilo is the EFI version of lilo, though as far as I recall it's been abandoned05:48
jaegersyslinux and grub2 support both05:48
Romstereven if i use disk-bu/uuid/ or label lilo has a fit when i plug in another hard disk and reorders my hard disks05:48
jaegerlilo would just use whatever order the kernel sees, wouldn't it?05:49
Romsteri was just looking up eilo to see where it stands now.05:49
Romstereven if i make sure rot disk is in sata0 socket it isn't always sda05:49
Romstereven though it's the only sata controller and it's built in not as a module05:50
Romsterwhich would be the best use grub2? syslinux other that is the most reliable05:51
Romsterie which gives the least trouble and most reliability between different uefi and bios05:53
Romsterand yeah i've noticed uefi's vary and not all work exactly the same. that is a royal pain05:54
Romsterand then i've had some motherboards only boot on slower usb2 and not usb3 sockets.06:01
RomsterFast Boot ... if Fast Boot is enabled, the computer does not fully shut down when you end a session, and therefore the boot loader is not accessed at boot up (the next time you boot), so if you have a dual boot machine, you will only be able to access the OS you were using in your last session. To prevent this, you need to disable Fast Boot.06:15
Romsterwhat a royal pain, every motherboard i have to do that06:15
jaegeryeah. I disable fast boot and secure boot on everything06:17
Romsterthere is no way around it on customers machines than to mash keys and hope to get into the uefi to change settings on /every/ board.06:18
Romstermore often i have to hold down shift boot it up and then /maybe/ i get into the windows PE then i can tell it to get to the uefi then make the changes... sometimes it takes several attempts due to interruptions at the critical time frame to get into windows PE, or it's broken and it wont boot another device or other reasons.06:20
Romsterreally painful06:20
jaegerRomster: do you mind if I update contrib/xscreensaver in 3.5 for PAM support?06:21
Romstersure i don't know what needs to be done for PAM06:22
Romsterit's more configurable than shadow right?06:22
jaegeryeah, gives you some more features, integration with other stuff like LDAP, 2FA, etc.06:23
Romsterdoes it affect ssh much or only if you add in extra features?06:23
Romsteri'm guessing active directory is also supported?06:24
jaegerpretty much only what you configure. I've kept my stuff pretty much the same as vanilla crux06:24
Romsterone thing that has my interest is i think it's called pax or selinux i don't quite remember polkit? for pollicys on what binary can access what?06:25
Romsterbut i never dug into it06:26
Romsterhmm i really would like to rename xorg/mesa3d to xorg/mesa for 3.5 i wanted to for crux 3.4 but i was to busy06:27
Romsterthe other thing is updating the python3 version from 3.6.x to 3.7.x but that makes every python3 module need to be rebuilt.06:28
Romsterhence why i wanted to hold off on that for the next crux release06:29
Romsteralso i did see glibc 2.29 needs python3.... but we will go with glibc 2.28 for crux 3.5 ?06:29
jaegerI think that's the plan for now, yeah06:30
Romsteron another note i had some fun when i updated libjpeg-turbo, rebuilding libtiff didn't fix my tint2 or feh, i had to do a blanket approch over tint2 and feh then that fixed it.06:31
Romsterelse i got a bus error, which i initially thought was a broken dbus but wasn't, revdep didn't complain either.06:31
Romsteri poked gdk-pixbuf imlib2 and others i thought would need a rebuild but it wasn't until i did prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep feh` that fixed it06:32
Romsterso i am not sure which port was broken, that libjpeg-turbo should of been delayed to crux 3.5 IMO but it's done now.06:33
jaegerlibtiff has definitely been the source of some issues recently but not sure06:33
Romsteralso read that qt5 5.12.1 didn't fix clang configuration option ugh. maybe i will just patch it out? or wait for 5.12.206:34
Romsteri can only assume/guess it might be cairo or glib06:39
Romsterso heads up if you or someone finds issues with libjpeg-turbo update06:40
Romsteryeah i thought rebuilding libtiff would of been enough06:40
Romsterbetween work, my internet derping, the shop move, and soon staff change. i've been getting behind on crux maintaining.06:44
Romsterbut we all know this is just a hobby06:45
jaegeryep, shouldn't feel like work06:45
Romsterbut i don't want to let anyone down06:45
Romsterbecause i take pride in my quality and don't get a lot of bug reports as a result. or no one uses them :P06:46
jaegerincoming contrib mail spam06:49
Romstergonna do a commit bomb to compat-32 soon of updates06:50
jaegerdamn it, the hook is still working on contrib06:52
Romsteris crux bot fixed or does it still miss stuff06:52
jaegerI don't think tek has done anything with it recently so probably still broken06:53
Romsteralso llvm/clang 7.0.1 has been out for ages but we are still on 7.0.006:53
Romsterwonder if i open a feature request06:54
Romsteroh god that is a lot of spam06:54
jaegerAnyway, PAM support is in the 3.5 trees now. At least for core/{shadow,sudo,linux-pam,openssh} and contrib/xscreensaver06:58
jaegerjue: I haven't messed with samba yet06:58
Romsterwould iptables need fixing too?06:59
jaegerDoes it use PAM for anything?06:59
jaegerNo doubt there are many ports that will need updating or at least rebuilding for PAM support, this is just the start07:00
Romsteri'm not sure07:01
jaegerWell, that's all I'm going to do tonight, feel free to report if I missed anything or screwed it up07:04
jaegerFor now linux-pam exists in core and contrib in 3.5, I haven't removed the old contrib version07:05
Romsterhave a good sleep07:05
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pedjaRomster, imho, qt-5.12 and python-3.7 should ship in 3.5, not before14:23
pedjathe reasoning being, on a Crux upgrade it is expected to rebuild stuff anyway :)14:24
pedjaI'd suggest to stick with qt-5.12 for the lifetime of 3.5, too, since that's a Qt5 LTS14:25
pedjahaving new shiny is cool and all, but pretty useless if the applications or the libraries building on top of qt break14:26
pedjaI am talking about pyqt/pyside and similar14:27
pedjaand software building on that.14:30
pedjaRomster, how did you pick up the spirv-headers commit to build vkd3d against?14:33
pedjathe reason I ask is because glslang merged the support for, and is currently fixing it, for build against external spirv-headers/tools14:34
pedjathey may even start to tag a proper release :)14:35
pedjaso would you be against shipping the full set of spirv headers, if that's what's needed for glslang?14:37
pedjaI'll test it before the next vulkan update, should be stable by then14:38
ryuopedja: you can upgrade vulcans? wow. i can see it now.14:38
ryuo"Now more Logical than the Star Trek CPU!"14:39
pedjaspeaking of st:d, first 2 episodes were not bad, and in the latest there is too much klingon soap opera for my taste :)14:42
pedjahalf of the episode is a setup for a new show. yay, Michele Yeoh kicking ass. not too keen on the others joining her, thou14:45
pedjaRomster, wrt 'mandatory access control', you might want to check out apparmor or selinux. apparamor is much more common, afaik, selinux is mostly a RedHat thing14:54
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